Monday, August 5, 2013

Happenings here lately...

Just a few happenings here with the Stillwells lately. Scooter (aka: Squish aka: Baby Ryan) is everywhere! I will be pumping milk (so she knows I can't get her) and she will scoot in the kitchen and open cabinets, roll 2 liter bottles around, open the bottom of the oven - whatever she can get ahold of!  So, we had to put the baby gate back up - it was a nice little break not having to open it to get in the living room and kitchen - but wild child needs to be contained - especially when I am not able to chase her! Ryan doesn't know what to think of the gates so far - she laughs and plays with it, then cries, then laughs again :)

Another big step for Ryan is no more nap nanny! She has slept on a nap nanny every night and nap since she was born! She had choking episodes that resembled seizures and she would stop breathing so she had to be elevated to sleep until she matured past that. Well, she now can sit up in the nap nanny and squirm out of it so we had to do away with it for safety reasons. We are also doing away with the swaddle blanket - we are down to both arms out, but she still can't sleep without her legs in it and it wrapped around her belly - which is fine - baby steps :) She looks so much older sleeping on her mattress with her arms out!

About a month ago Noah decided that he was a big boy and wanted to get himself out of bed in the morning. The only way he could for sure do that was to get up before anyone else - we are talking 6:00 a.m. or earlier - on Saturdays! Then he doesn't nap on weekends - so he was cranky and tired by the afternoon and he was getting everyone up way too early - he was still tired but was too worried about getting himself up to go back to sleep. So, Momma found a solution! I got him a new clock! Not just any clock, this clock tells him when he can get out of bed! It has a picture of a bunny in bed on it and a bunny outside playing. If the bunny in bed is lit up he cannot get out of bed, if the bunny outside is lit up he can get up if he wants! This has worked perfectly! I set it for 7:00 a.m. to switch from bed to wake-up. It doesn't make a noise or anything when it switches and it doesn't wake him up at 7:00 - but when he wakes up he knows if it is ok to get up or not. He will get up and come find me and say "my bunny waked up! it's sunny day" - just like that every day! No matter if it is rainy or not - so cute!

I have to brag on my family a minute. We went shopping Saturday - (kind-of forgot about the tax-free weekend thing but we experienced no crowds or long lines thankfully!) and my husband and kids were awesome! We went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for Ryan's first birthday party next month (cannot believe we are already planning that), and clothes shopping for her 1st birthday pictures this weekend. Nathan was in a "whatever makes Momma happy" mood (my favorite mood of his) and the kids were awesome! No meltdowns or anything! It was just one of those days where you realize you are not screwing up as bad as you think sometimes :)

We had a benefit for my uncle Sunday to help with his medical bills and living expenses since his recent brain surgery! The benefit was awesome and raised a lot of money to help out! It rained while we were there and I let Noah play in it since it was not lightening - he was in heaven! He has never seen a puddle he didn't like! No matter where we are or what we are doing he will go out of his way to stop a puddle if he sees one! I have to watch him or he will get his good clothes (or anyone within 5 feet) dirty!

Changes going on everywhere - all good ones for now! (Hopefully it stays that way!)

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