Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Water Park FINALLY!

Our town got a new water park recently - it opened July 3rd. I have been attempting to go since July 4th and had 6 (yes 6) failed attempts! A few times were due to illness, then rain, then scheduling conflicts - poor Noah just kept saying "why momma?". I felt horrible. I finally got to take him Sunday and when I told him where we were going he said "no, they are closed, lets go to Chuck E. Cheese" - he had gotten tired of hearing me tell him we were going and not getting to. As we were walking in to the park he kept screaming "they are open momma, see, see, they are open" and when we got our tickets he had to tell the lady at the window "I am so happy, it's going to be so fun". To say he was excited was an understatement.

Noah and I went alone while Ryan took a nap and Nathan brought her over after she woke up. Noah was a little hesitant at first - he just didn't know what he wanted to do first! It didn't take long thought and he was going from thing to thing smiling ear to ear! He was too small for the big slides - but he loved the small slides (after Dada went with him on them a few times) and he even got comfortable with the bucket dumping water on him! He went down the slides probably 30 times in a row - no exaggeration - and gave me a thumbs up every time! SO CUTE!

Ryan screamed when I first sat her in the water - it was a little cooler than the bath water she is used to. But, in less than a minute she was squealing and splashing - it was the funniest thing! She would splash, scoot, want me to pick her up, then put her down and she would do it all over again!

Ryan and my niece Eliza Nell
The water park is only open for 3 more weeks and we missed out the first 4 - so I am hoping to make it back at least 2 more times before they close. I am SO happy to have a place like this for my kids so close to home (less than 5 minute drive). I have a feeling lots of memories will be made here :)


  1. Amazing!! I like these nice pictures. Kids really loves to play with water and I like to let them play with it when I visit water park with my kids. Thanks.
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  2. I have always loved taking my children to water parks, it really is a great way to build family memories together. We recently went to the Great Wolf Lodge and we loved it there. They are so family oriented and always have such great reviews.