Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Girl...

Dear Girl shopping alone at the store:

     You have no idea how lucky you are. How peaceful your shopping trip is. You don't have to remember what you came to the store for or keep a baby from touching any icky parts of the cart. You don't have to keep a toddler from throwing things in the cart or talking to strangers, figure out what to do with a cart full of stuff when your toddler "has to go BAD Momma" and fights you because you took him in the girls bathroom and not the boys (he is a big boy you know - just ask him, he will tell you). You don't get begged for things that your kids DO NOT need in any way and the voice in the back of your head makes you feels guilty for not getting it for them, they are only little once. You have no idea how lucky you are.

Dear Girl sleeping in late (we are talking past 8:00):

      You are missing out. You don't get to hear your kids door open and crack one eye open to see 6:03 a.m. on the clock and remember it is Saturday, cry for a second, then get up. You don't dread staying up late for a little peace and quiet the night before - what was I thinking? You don't understand that when the kids go to bed on time, early, or late - they will still get up at the same time. This is a fact. You don't know what it is like to pray for 5 more minutes sleep and wonder how long the baby will lay in her bed and sleep before she gets ticked at you have to get her, then remember she probably has a full diaper and just get up. You are missing out.

Dear Girl out to eat:

     You better enjoy it. You don't get to fight a kid to sit in the highchair. You don't get to drag a kid out from under the table eating food we did not order. You don't get to ignore stares when your kid forgets his "inside voice" or announces he needs to poop to the table. You don't know what it is like to just get your food to go and eat it while driving home or eat it cold later when everyone is asleep because it is just easier that way. You don't realize how you can tell what time it is without even looking at a clock because your kid instantly went from angel to devil with no warning. You don't realize how impossible it is to pick up everything your kid or kids dropped under the table and the surrounding area (extra tip and graceful exit time). There is no dinner and something else - there is dinner then home. Home to scrub kids and put them in bed.You better enjoy it.

Dear Girl shopping alone at the store:

     You have no idea how lucky I am. I have two little pieces of myself - one in the cart babbling and smiling at strangers and one riding on the front of the cart saying "weeeeee" when I "go faster momma". I get to see the sweetest little faces light up when I get them a $1 toy or even just some bananas. I am instantly the "best mom ever" when it goes in the cart. I get to buy food to take home to my loud house with my loud kids and enjoy it with them - we may not all eat at the same time or the same thing - but we all eat, that's good enough for now. I get to have a little celebration in the public bathroom because my toddler made it to the potty - no matter who else is in the bathroom - I celebrate, this is important. I get to watch peoples faces light up when they see my kids - kids just do that to people. They are amazing. You have no idea how lucky I am.

Dear Girl sleeping in late:

     I am not missing out anymore. Do you realize what all you can get done before noon? If I had back all those mornings I slept until noon I would cram them so full of life! I get to re-enjoy Saturday morning cartoons for the second time in my life. I get sleepy eye kisses, cereal requests, and pajama hugs. I get to watch the sunrise - this is more beautiful than a sunset in my opinion. It is awesome that when someone woke up the first thing they wanted was their momma - they needed their momma - so glad I am momma. You can have all the laundry, dishes, and cleaning done BY noon! I am not missing out anymore.

Dear Girl out to eat:

     You know what I enjoy? Getting to enjoy a meal out with my family. It was always a momma dream. ( I am no cook) I take back every stare or thing I ever said about a loud kid in a restaurant. Mine are not that bad 90% of the time - but they have had their moments. I enjoy helping my toddler pick out something to eat and color his menu. I enjoy watching my baby girl flirt with the waiters and listen to the waitresses tell me how beautiful she is. I enjoy taking a walk around the restaurant when we get antsy and Daddy isn't done eating yet. I enjoy watching my kids try new foods and develop favorites. I love hearing my toddler say "that is yummy in my tummy" or "there is a party in my tummy, see?" (as he opens his mouth wide!). That is what I enjoy.

Dear Girl that longs for a child:

     I was you. I was there once too. You can be married to your best friend and still long for something else - and that is ok and does not reflect bad on your husband. You WILL get your kids. It may not be the way you dreamed or even want, but it is possible. God sure threw my plans out the window and created me two amazing kids (and he may not even be done yet). You will get snuggles, artwork, sloppy kisses, tickles, and most importantly someone saying "momma momma momma" over and over. I know that feeling. I was you.

Some of you are the Girl, some are Momma, some Mommas long to be the girl, some Girls long to be the Momma. Just be a good Girl and enjoy this Girl time in your life so when Momma time comes around you can be a good Momma and find good in the most bad.

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