Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ryan Maelynn is 10 Months!

Ryan has hit double digits - 10 months old! Here are this months highlights:

* She weighs around 24 pounds and is 29 inches long (these are my measurements - the best I can get with a squirmy squishy kid)

*She is pretty much done nursing - I am just pumping all her bottles.  The place where she bit me still hasn't healed and is VERY (let me say that again - VERY) painful when nursing or pumping but I can control the pain a little more when pumping.  I have given up on it healing (since it has been over 3 months now) until I quit nursing and pumping altogether. She drinks around 10 ounces a day and 1 4 oz jar of baby food and one 2.5 oz jar of meat at the sitters during the day, then I feed her 10.5 ounces of baby food and a 6 ounce cereal/breastmilk bottle before bed at night. She still loves baby food and even had her first non-baby food this weekend - she ate a little banana. She kept getting the shivers while she was eating it, but wanted more. I think she will be a banana fanatic like her brother who eats at least two bananas a day!

* Ryan is sleeping from 8:30 - 7:00 (give or take an hour). She goes to sleep all on her own without crying like a big girl and wakes up and will lay there and babble for at least 30 minutes.

* She is still in size 3 diapers, and size 4 night diapers. She sleeps too long for a normal diaper to hold up.

* She is in 12-18 month clothes and most of her size 2 shoes still fit, but is into size 3s for the most part.

* Ryan will sit in the floor and play with toys for hours - she has certain toys she prefers more than others - right now it is one of Noah's old sippy cups, Noah's Old McDonald Farmer tractor and animals, and a new gears toy I got her from a friend.

* She still hasn't shown much interest in crawling, but she can hold herself up in crawling position for a long time, so she has the strength, just not the "want-to". She scoots herself all over the place though. I guess she will just be a scooter. She has callouses on her heels from scooting with them. The diaper derby is in 10 days so I guess she will try to scoot across the finish line :)

* She now has 8 teeth - 4 on top and 4 on bottom!

* Her  new "tricks" this month are if I fake laugh she will do it too :) She also says "DADADADA" about everything, but we are not counting it just yet as her first word since she calls everything that. So, I still have time to make Momma come out first, but I think I am fighting a losing battle.

*Ryan had her first fever and virus this month also. Noah got Roseola (high fever and rash virus) on July 4th and he was over the fever in 2 days and the rash after a day. Noah was nice and gave it to Ryan - it is only contagious in children - rarely adults - and it would have been basically impossible for Ryan to not get it. At least now she is immune to it. However, it has been rougher on Ryan. Both of my kids are very tough and resilient and as long as they had fever medicine, they were fine - you wouldn't know anything was wrong with them, but Ryan's fever last 3 days and her rash started before the fever and is going on day 6 now! She has been fever free for 2 days now and her rash is finally fading some so I think we are over it finally. If you look closely at her pictures, you will see her rash - it looks bad, but has not bothered her in the least.

Noah wanted a picture with her too (look at her hand on him - so sweet)

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