Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Peachy Weekend

I am not sure I could have crammed much more into this weekend! So thankful for good kids who like to fill our weekends full of fun stuff! I have always loved the Johnson County Peach Festival, and getting to experience it as a parent is even better - especially with the addition of all the new events for kids!

The festivities started Thursday night with Cinema on the Square where they showed Finding Nemo, but it started too late for my kids. They go to sleep at the start time I knew better than to try to fight them, but I am hoping that next year at least Noah will get to enjoy it! We started our Peach Festival with Ryan's diaper derby Friday morning! I woke up at 4:30 that morning so sick - but thankfully started feeling better after the diaper derby - I was not missing it! Ryan never learned to crawl, she just scoots every where she needs to go. Don't underestimate her - she is very fast! She won her heat, but decided to just be a spectator after that - she just sat there smiling and laughing at all the other kids crawling. At least she looked cute! Noah decided he wanted to compete too - he told me to put his sippy cup on the finish line and he would crawl to it. He cracks me up - not a shy bone in his body :) After the race we all walked around the square and checked out the vendors and got the kids a few things. Then came a downpour! I put my raincoat over Ryan's stroller so I got completely soaked - plus trying to get two kids in carseats and put a stroller and everything up in the rain is hard to do - I finally quit hurrying and just finished in the pouring rain.

Ryan scooting to victory!

Walking around the Peach Festival
We went home for naps and my nieces and nephews came over to play while we waited for the kids area to open up. We had plans to go to the water park but it was rained out (this was my 6th attempt at going to the water park and not being able to go!). The kids are was 4 water bounce slides. Noah was loving it, until tragedy struck. Ok, not tragedy, but tragedy to a 3 year old. Noah slides on his belly, feet first. As he was going down one of them, he twisted to turn over so he would land face up in the water at the bottom of the slide. When he twisted, his foot went under the velcro top and was stuck from the knee down - he was face down in the water, with his leg twisted around screaming. I heard him screaming and I knew it was a real cry. There was a kid yelling "he is stuck" so I jumped in this water (in my clothes and all) to help him and the Emergency Management guy jumped across from the other side to help me get him out. I got him calmed down and he wanted to try them again - but every time he would get to the top of the slides, he would start crying and just go back down the ladders. He was too scared. I can't blame him, but I didn't tell him that. I downplayed it all - it was just an accident, one of those things that rarely happens and may never happen again.

Saturday morning was the terrapin derby! Noah and Ryan each had one in the race this year. We were #221 and #222! They had a record setting number of turtles this year - over 250! Our turtles didn't win, but they were close and at least came out of their shells which is better than last year! Noah said his turtle won and I didn't tell him any different :) We went home for Ryan to nap and Noah and I had lunch and cleaned house. Then we went to my nephew Greyson's 2nd birthday party! It was at a bounce house and I wasn't sure how Noah was going to do. I never mentioned the problems from the day before and he didn't either - he went down every slide there fearlessly thankfully! I am hoping he has forgotten all about getting stuck! He even has bad scratches down the back of his leg from the velcro and he says he doesn't know what they are from - I didn't remind him :) We left Greyson's party a little early to make it back to town for the Peach Festival parade! This was the first year they did it in the evening and I liked it! This is Noah's first time to actually understand the parade and he loved getting all of the candy - even though he won't eat any of it! In his words "candy is yuckty and dross" - I am not pushing it, he can think that as long as he wants - less dentist appointments!

We had a great time at the Peach Festival and I am looking forward to next year! I cannot wait until Noah and Ryan can do the greased pig chase, pie eating contest, water balloon toss, egg toss, bicycle obstacle course, frozen t-shirt contest and whatever else fun things are added. Good job Johnson County - The Stillwells had a great time!

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