Monday, July 8, 2013

5:58 at 125 mph

That was the final time Nathan's race car went at the drag races this weekend. Everyone was excited about this - excited was not the exact emotion I have. I want him to be happy and enjoy his hobby - but life it a little different than it was the last time we went to the races. We have 2 kids to raise and a lot riding on his work - neither of which he can do if he is injured from a wreck or dead. So, each time he raced he got a little faster and I got a little more scared. Of course, I didn't show it - I am cool like that. He asked me what I thought and I just smiled and said "that was fast" or "I saw your front tires come off the ground". I don't want to ruin his night. He has had this car for years and finally got it together.

His first race I literally wanted to puke. The unknown of this car scared me. It was a lot faster than his truck he used to race. He had never got to race it before, so I (and he) didn't know what to expect. It didn't help that there was a wreck right before he raced once and a car he was racing got loose and almost hit the wall! He almost made it the whole night without breaking anything (which is rare for him), until the last run. His hood flew off while he was going 140 mph! Luckily it didn't hit the car or anything else it could damage. I was used to him being in a bad mood because something wasn't running right or the track didn't feel right or something. Through everything that happened (flat on the trailer in construction on the way there and even losing his NEW hood) he was fine. Someone went and grew up on me! ;)

Lots of friends came out to watch him race - he had his own cheering section. He came home alive and happy so it was a good night. When we got home he said "Thanks for being supportive and letting me race" to which I replied "did I have a choice?" He said "no, but thanks for knowing you didn't have a choice" :) Brat. If he is happy, I am happy - but his happiness usually comes at death defying speeds or something else risky. He said he doesn't plan to go back much  - so I can breathe easy for awhile :)

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