Wednesday, March 27, 2013

While I am thinking about it...

My husband hates it when I start a sentence out that way!

But, while I am thinking about it...

*Why do I instantly feel so bad after punishing Noah? I have mentioned this before, but I am still struggling with it. I know discipline is important, but this is the worst part of parenting for me by far. Especially now that he can say "don't be mean to Noah momma, don't hurt Noah momma". I am focusing on not getting onto him for every little thing, because sometimes I feel all I do is punish - some things really are not that big of a deal if you take a second to think about it.

* I was told recently that I "do not properly take care of my man" because he does his own laundry and he packs his own bags if he is going somewhere. He does his own ironing (I cannot tell you the last time I ironed something). I would just like to say, my husband can take care of himself and that is another reason I love him. I would and have happily helped him with these things (minus the ironing that is:) )- but I guarantee he won't be yelling at me for not doing them or expecting them to be done for him. That just isn't how I roll.

* Without fail, every night I instantly miss my kids when they go to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I am telling myself "just have to make it to bedtime" every night while chasing, cleaning, feeding, bathing, etc. But, as soon as it is quiet and they are asleep I want them awake.

* I feel that I have just enough energy to make it through my day once. Once I have everything done and am ready for bed, the thought of having to do one more thing is too much!

* I let my kids wear new clothes before they are washed. This partially goes back to my ironing problem. I know they will never look this good and neat again if I wash them, so I will let them wear them while they look good! (This does not apply to previously owned clothing - that all gets washed!)

* If I am at your party, I probably ate right before I got there. I don't eat at a party to get full. I just think they are for snacking. I don't want to pig out at a party in front of everyone, plus I have two kids, making sitting down in someone else's home practically impossible. So, don't be offended if I don't chow down :)

* It is still strange to me that I am a mom. The words "son" and "daughter" still sound funny when I say them. I don't feel old enough for these things. I feel strange that God trusted me with their lives (grateful, but strange).

* If I am driving and realize I haven't seen anyone for awhile, I will wonder if something is going on I don't know about. Where are all the cars? Apocalypse? Holiday I am unaware of? Both?

* I sometimes wonder if I am in a coma and that my life is a dream I am having during my coma. It is sort of like a deja vu feeling. If it is, it is going to make on hell of a story!

* I don't post my views on most subjects on Facebook. My views on politics, abortions, homosexuality, etc. are not up for debate therefore I don't see a reason to blast it out there how I feel on the subject. Nor will you ever see me posting problems with people I have on there. Trust me, I have plenty of complaints about people, but Facebook is not the place to vent them.

* I love Hootie, I do not like Darius Rucker. I was trying to be nice and then the whole Wagon Wheel incident occurred. Nope, not a fan.

I made the move to Bloglovin! You can find me there if you want :)

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