Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting my resale on!

If you know much about me, you know I love a good resale! There is just something I like about getting a good deal on perfectly good gently used clothing, especially as fast as my kids grow! I have heard of several biannual children's resale clothing events, but the only one close to me is Rhea Lana's and it is awesome! It is ran so smoothly! Everything is organized by gender and size. There are a ton of toys and baby equipment also. I seriously look forward to this sale every 6 months - it is like a holiday to me! :) If you volunteer to help out with the event you can get passes to shop early - which I highly recommend! I help hand out postcards and put up yard signs to get in early and next year I plan on working a shift in addition to that so I can get in extra early!

Here is my haul! Plus some movies and a big Mickey Mouse keyboard for Noah to
dance on! Where else can you get all these good quality clothes,
shoes, and baby equipment for $200?
Poor Noah has outgrown most of his shirts from last summer - he has a long trunk like me so his belly hangs out if his shirts start getting small at all. He can still wear 18 month shorts if they are long enough because he is so skinny! This will be his 3rd summer in the same shorts! I did get him a few more pair of adjustable waist shorts in case he decided to plump up any this summer. I have a hard time finding him used clothes because boys tend to wear things out - they are a little wild ya know! ;) Also, Noah is a 4-5T on top and a 2T-3T (adjustable waist) on bottom, so I can't buy him sets that come already together, so that can be a challenge also. He is already almost in a size 10 shoes though, so I scored some adorable leather GAP sandals and some Columbia sandals, and some Spider Man rain boots - his favorite purchase of course. I also got him some new DVDs - one of them was Disney's Dinosaurs and he is wearing it out!

Some of Noah's new clothes
Ryan was easier to shop for because there is so much cute stuff for little girls and a lot of 12 month stuff - which is the size I got her for this summer. There were double the racks of girls 12 months as there was Noahs sizes. She is set for the summer and she finally grew out of her size one shoes and got some new size twos. I also found her a playmat that I had been looking for everywhere! She loves to kick her chunky legs so I wanted one with a keyboard at the end that played music when she kicked it - and found her one for $10 in perfect condition! I also got a new girly diaper bag! I have always carried my plain black Columbia one and it just wasn't cutting it for two kids. I was SO excited when I found an adorable Kalencom diaper bag that retails for $150 for $30!

Bathing suits!

Adorable shoes!

I love this diaper bag!

Ryan loves her new playmat!

I went back later in the week for the half-price sale and got the kids 20 outfits for $50! It doesn't get much better than that! I am already counting down to the next sale in September! Once I finally decide if we are done having kids I will be selling all my kids clothes, toys, and equipment in that sale and make enough to get them new clothes for the next year!

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