Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ryan Maelynn is 6 Months!

I blinked and Ryan is half way to her first birthday! It flew by with Noah but for some reason I thought maybe since I knew it would go fast it would not feel so quick this time - wrong! My life seemed to crawl along until I had kids - now it is going by so fast! Here are this months highlights:

* She weighs around 16.5 pounds and is 27 inches long

*She is still nursing when she is with me. She takes a 6 oz bottle with a tablespoon of cereal  at 10:30, eats a half to a full jar of baby food and a 5 oz bottle with cereal at noon, and a 3 ounce bottle at 4:30 with her sitter.  Her favorite food now seems to be squash! You can actually hear her saying "mmmmm" when she eats it!

* Her sleeping is still awesome! She is still going to sleep around 10:00 I am actually having to wake her up around 7:45 to get ready to go through the week! She is officially sleep trained too! I lay her down in her bed at 10:00 and she puts herself to sleep and only cries occasionally and if she does it is only for a minute or so. (I promise Meme) :) She is still sleeping in her nap nanny in her crib so that she is elevated to protect her from any more choking episodes.

* She is wearing 6-9 month clothes now! Size 2 shoes! She has worn some 12 month stuff too.

* She is still in size two diapers, but I see seize 3's in our near future.

* Her favorite things to do (besides have Momma hold her of course) is to jump in her bouncer or lay on her playmat and kick the keyboard and chew on the toys.

* She is being very stubborn with her tummy time now. She will do 5 minutes max and is screaming. She is still not rolling over either direction - she apparently wants things done HER way or no way at all! Not sure where she got that from :)

* She got her first tooth! Her bottom front left tooth came in on February 24th! Now the top front left tooth is trying to peek through! I miss her gummy grins already, but little teeth are so cute too!

Rockin the leg warmers ;)

Besties :)

Happy 6 months sweet girl!


  1. I love her sweet precious smile! And seriously, why does time insist on moving so quickly?!

    1. Thank you! I know - did life not just drag on until we had kids and now it is flying by! Not fair!