Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Groundhog = Liar

The groundhog may be cute and all, but he is a liar! He said we would have an early spring and here it is 2 weeks from spring and it is still cold! It is still below freezing at night for Heaven's sake. I used to be all about winter - my favorite season! I loved layering on clothes for two reasons - one is I can layer up and eventually I am warm, but in the summer I can only take off so much and I am still hot and could possibly be arrested for indecent exposure. Secondly, I do not like to tan (in a tanning bed or the sun) and I fit in better when I have a majority of my pasty skin covered up :)

Well, now that I have kids I prefer spring and summer temperatures. There is less sickness going around, I don't have to pile clothes on the kids and then figure out how to buckle their carseats over the top of all those clothes, and I don't have to try to explain to my 2 year old why we can't go play outside. Unless it is snowing, winter is just a bummer now! Then, when it does snow, I have to be the bad guy and drag my kid in screaming to keep playing in the snow even though he has snot running down his face and he can't feel his feet or hands. Warmer temperatures makes mommas life a little easier.

We had one day in the past month that was warm enough (65 degrees or above) and Noah wasn't coughing or had a runny nose so we rushed to the park as soon as I picked them up from daycare to play before the sun went down. Noah was SO excited! He chanted "swing slide, swing slide" the whole way there! We only got to play about 30 minutes before it started getting cold again and the sun went down, but for that 30 minutes Noah was so happy!

Langlois Park

This is the only way he would go down the slide for some reason :)

Climbing back up the slide - typical kid :)

Ryan just watched Noah play and smiled and cooed. She just loves watching him play. I can't wait until this summer when they are both playing at the park, it is warm, and the sun doesn't go down until 9:00! I never imagined myself a summer girl, but kids change everything! So, if you see me half dressed (trying to cool off) with my pasty skin this summer, just look the other way - I am making memories with my kids!

Noah picked me flowers :)

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