Thursday, March 21, 2013

Big Boy Bed Time!

I put it off as long as I could, but the day finally came. We had to convert Noah's crib to a toddler bed :( Granted, he is almost 3, but until he was climbing out or too tall I wasn't going to push it! He has been able to climb in and out for awhile. I figured this out when he would go to his room and bring me something back that he would have to get in his crib to get and I also noticed him missing on the video monitor a few times :) But, for the most part he wasn't getting out when he was supposed to be sleeping. Then he showed me his not so graceful way he gets in and out of the crib and for fear of him breaking his neck, I decided it was time. I bought him a rail to keep him from rolling out of the bed at night, and it is pretty tall so it still kind-of has the crib feel to it, but is open on the end for him to get in and out as needed. As soon as I showed it to him, he climbed in and then tried to climb over the rail instead of out the end - he is such a climber! But, he has it down now!

Here is Noah showing me how he gets in and out of his crib all by himself:

This is a BIG step for my first baby and it feels strange to me. But, I can't keep him little forever!

Excited to take the side off his crib!

Last picture with his crib :(

He seems to be fine with the new rail!

So proud :)


  1. He looks so happy to have a big boy bed! I am so NOT ready for that day to come in my house!

    1. I am not ready either! I swear he isn't big enough for that!