Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Breaking Momma :)

With a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old and a husband that has to work, a long, far away vacation is not ideal. So, we went on a mini vacation. My mom always goes to the zoo and Discovery Museum in Little Rock on Spring Break and Noah, Ryan, and I joined her - along with 10 other family members! We got our parade together at McDonalds and then headed for the museum! It was supposed to be colder and rainy on Monday so we decided to do the museum and swim at the hotel on day one. The museum was awesome! I didn't take Noah last year because he was in the wild and crazy almost 2 years old stage and I was pregnant and I just didn't see it being any fun. I try to avoid situations where I will have to scold Noah more than have fun with him. He was SO good this year! I am glad we waited. He had so much fun! He would run from exhibit to exhibit saying "momma momma yook dis!" I was a little disappointed at the lack of dinosaur stuff - only because Noah is obsessed with them right now. They did have 2 dinosaur skeletons for him to look at though and he seemed ok with that.

I looked down and Noah was holding Ryan's hand and talking to her, it was the sweetest thing ever!

Going inside our mouths to discover what goes on in there :)

His favorite part - putting a skeleton together to make it look like the one in the case.

Cheese :)

This rope stretched out the length of the human intestines - he loved it. It kind-of grossed me out :)

Noah, there is a snake on your head! :)

Getting a lift from Momma :)

After the museum we headed to the hotel to eat and swim. I was really missing Nathan at this point! 2 sleeping kids in the car and all our stuff. How was I supposed to get this up to the 3rd floor of the hotel? Take the kids in and leave them in the room alone? No way! Leave the kids sleeping in the car alone in Little Rock? No way! Thankfully I had family to help with this, but I seriously don't know how single parents do it. Don't get me wrong, I missed Nathan the whole time. I am not much on traveling without him. I do it, but I don't care to. I like having him around :)

The hotel had fish in the lobby in a stream with a waterfall so Noah was WAY more interested in that than eating, so thankfully Aunt Kesha took him out there so I could sit and eat with Ryan. I was disappointed with the pool. First of all it was a salt water pool. I may be alone in this, but I HATE salt water pools. I know everyone says they are easier to maintain and you can't even tell the difference, blah, blah. Well, this girl can! I feel like I am swimming in a pool of sweat and it gets in my mouth and eyes, and is so gross feeling. (I don't even salt my food, so I really don't want to swim in it). Ryan was not having it - I think the water was too cold for her. Noah wanted me to hold him the whole time and was flipping out - so we literally swam 5 minutes and I took them back to the room for baths and bed.

The next morning we were up bright and early for the zoo! I get excited each time it is zoo time because Noah gets older and understands more and gets more exited to see the animals! He had a blast! His favorite was the "Daddy Yions" and the "Dumbo Elphants" of course. Ryan was the best baby on this trip - she never cried, I mean at all. I did have my first experiences of nursing her in public - poor Ryan has second child syndrome and I just feed her wherever so I can keep an eye on Noah instead of going and hiding like I did with Noah. That went good - not too many stares - of course I covered everything up, but people still stare. Also - I must brag on Noah. He went potty in the potty the entire time we were gone and told me when he had to go most of that time! I was SO proud! I was not even going to push it since we were going to be running around so much and in the car alot and he just amazed me!

All the kids at the cousin tree we take a picture at every trip!

Here are a few things I learned on this trip:

1. I can travel and take care of my kids alone - it is easy, but it is possible.
2. I am not ready for pre-teens - thankfully Noah will ease me in to that.
3. I HATE traffic in big cities, especially with constructions. I panic.
4. Just when I think Noah will not want a stroller because he will want to run and play he will want Momma to carry him through the zoo - and Momma will carry him. That is what mommas do. I need an aspirin.
5. You learn to pack alot less when you are the only adult traveling and you know you will have to be the one to carry the bags.

Hope everyone had a good spring break and got to get out and enjoy it before the weather went all cold and crappy again!

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