Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Easter

I am pretty sure it rains on Easter more than it has ever been nice weather - which never bothered me near as much as it does now with a little boy that wants to "hunt Easher edds". On Saturday our church was supposed to do an Easter egg drop where a helicopter dropped 10,000 eggs and the kids got to go get them. Well, it rained too much for the helicopter to fly and the ground was a sloppy mess. So, they did an Easter egg drive-thru instead. So, the kids got their eggs and I got their picture with the Easter bunny - Ryan didn't mind at all and Noah was only doing it if Momma held him. We managed to get all that done and then went home to meet my mom so she could bring over Easter baskets for the kids. Noah's had fake grass in it and he played with that more than anything else - we had to vacuum as soon as mom left. All I heard was "yay grass" over and over. The boy likes to play outside :) From there we went out to lunch at one of our favorite places - Dixie Cafe - and stopped by my dad's because he had Easter baskets for the kids too. We went home for naps (ha, ha - more like Noah lays down and thinks about all the cool things his grandparents just got him until I finally let him get up and play). So, Noah got up and played outside with his bubbles and picked Momma flowers (melts my heart every time). Then we went to church and took a family trip to Wal-Mart! This day was full of stuff but both kids were very good (especially with no naps) and it was nice that Nathan was off work and able to spend the whole day with us!

Sunday morning was another one of those times I love being part of the parent club! I got to help the Easter Bunny leave baskets for the kids. I got it all put together and told Nathan (who laid on the couch and "supervised") to please take note of how it is done so if I die he can properly take care of them :) Noah got up very excited to see his "Easher bucket from the Easher bunny"! Ryan just wanted to put it all in her mouth basically - per the usual with her. Nathan cooked breakfast burritos and we headed out to my grandmas for lunch and an egg hunt.  I love that my big (really, it is huge) family still all stops by grandmas house on the holidays. We had lunch and hunted eggs twice before Ryan decided she was ready to go and Noah soon joined her. So, we headed home to play and watch the new movies the Easter bunny brought them.


Ryan and her Easter basket :)

Ready to hunt some eggs!

Getting a wagon ride with Greyson

My little beauty :)

Getting a lift from Dada :)

I explained the real meaning of the holiday to Noah and his reply was "Noah love Jesus too, want to hunt Easter eggs". I will always make sure the real meaning of this holiday is told to him, but I am glad he had fun too!

This is a few shots from me trying to get a picture of them together -
frustrating at the time, but hilarious to look at afterwards!

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