Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a busy and blessed weekend!

Just when I wonder if I am doing this whole parenting thing right, Noah goes and amazes me! Noah had his first dentist appointment Friday and it was a BIG proud parent moment! He walked right back to the chair, hopped up, laid back, and opened his mouth! The dentist and his assistant were amazed! They said especially for a boy - apparently the boys are usually not very cooperative! (Must be all the practicing we did at home, we were constantly having him lay down and open his mouth for us) I LOVED this dentist office! They were very laid back and let Noah explore everything (like most toddlers like to do) and even went and found him special dinosaur stickers (the boy is obsessed with dinosaurs). I told him if he was good then he could get a new dinosaur at the store so we went to the store afterwards. He picked him one out and forgot about it before we got home - so he will now be getting it for his birthday :)

Saturday we went to visit Nathan's grandpa in the nursing home. It is something we meant to do sooner and often and decided to make the time now and stop letting other things get in the way. Noah was goodish :) He is 2 and it was a new place with lots to explore and I really didn't expect him to sit still and quiet the whole time and the residents loved watching him run and play - so it really wasn't that bad. He is far from shy though! Grandpa was having a better day and seemed to remember Nathan. It was his first time to see Ryan and it had been awhile since he saw Noah. It was a good visit and we hope to make it back there soon!

From there we went to the Spring Greening Festival in Clarksville. We had never been before so we wanted to check it out. It was interesting. Noah loved the "bounce park" - they had 2 free bounce houses set up and he was the smallest kid over there bouncing - it was pretty cute! We walked around through all the vendors and got Noah's face painted for the first time and got Ryan her first tye-dyed outfit and an owl to hang on her wall. We were all wore out at this point and went home where Ryan slept for 4 1/2 hours and Noah and I watched a movie and put puzzles together. That night I went to see my BFF Cortney (shout out Coot!) to get a lesson from her husband on a Mac computer she was selling to see if I was interested in buying it! I know I impressed her husband with my quick ability to catch on to the operating system :) I've heard that once you go Mac you never go back - I guess we will see won't we :)

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