Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A few things...

(I just wanted to record a few things for me memories sake - aka: I can argue with Nathan when something happened or the facts later)

Noah is doing amazing with potty training now. As I sat scrubbing one of the 5 puddles of pee out of my floor a few months ago, I really never thought I would see this day. 25% of the time he is telling me when he has to go pee and we have gotten the whole #2 part down (unless he is asleep - for some reason the boy likes to go in his sleep - he must really be relaxing). I still try to take him every 30-45 minutes and I still put a pull-up on him if we are going out of the house for awhile in case I forget to take him. He has been in real underwear for 3 weeks now (not counting naps and bedtime) and had only a handful of accidents! You never really realize how expensive diapers are until you don't have to buy them anymore. Recently I was buying Ryan's diapers, Noah diapers, pull-ups, and night diapers and dropping $100 every two weeks at least on them. Ridiculous! Now I am down to just Ryan's diapers and occasionally a new small pack of pull-ups! I feel rich! :)

Noah had his first nightmare this week. I woke up to him screaming "Momma momma baby Ryan momma momma" on the monitor and I could see he was standing in his bed. I went to his room and through his sobs he told me "baby Ryan fell and I couldn't reach her" and "I reach baby Ryan I reach" - it was SO sad! I had to show him she was ok and still sleeping in her bed and then he said "put Noah back in bed" - yes Sir! Then I realized my alarm was going off in less than 10 minutes so I just stayed up. I love that he loves his sister so. I don't know if all kids do this or not - I do not remember EVER getting along with my siblings until we were a lot older. I know they will fight later, honestly it would be strange if they didn't. But, I am going to work my hardest to make sure they always take care of each other because Nathan and I won't be here forever and they will need support and someone to call family.

For the first time in 7 years I am not pregnant or trying to get pregnant and this seems so strange to me. We cannot decide if we want more children or not. I know Ryan is only 7 months old, but there is nothing wrong with figuring out what we want either. When we first got married we wanted 5 kids. Then life happened and it took 3 1/2 years to get pregnant with one and he gave me a new outlook on parenting and we bumped that number down to 3. Then I had a scary delivery with Ryan and a newborn with a toddler is harder. Also, I feel old - I just don't know if I have it in me to start over again. I have gotten so lucky with healthy, happy, sleeping kids and I am scared to chance it again. Some days I feel like my family is complete and I do not want another one. Then other days I feel like we should have another one. Right now my plan (I am sure God is laughing) is to wait until Ryan is 3 and either start trying or decide we are done. That way Noah will be in school (less daycare) and can help out more and Ryan will be old enough to understand why Momma can't pick her up for awhile (Noah was not happy and it broke my hormonal heart).

With all that being said, I have finally decided to start getting rid of some of the kids toys. This will be a slow process, because I want to put them in Rhea Lanas this fall  - but that gives me plenty of time to sort and organize. I kept all of Noah's stuff for baby #2 and now Ryan doesn't really "need" any kind of toy, but a lot of the hand-me-downs are boy toys. So, this will be a good way to make some money for their birthday presents and give other people a way to get Ryan something for her birthday too - and she won't only have hand-me-down toys, but some pretty girl toys too :) Then, if we are blessed with baby #3, we can just get a few things that we know we need. Noah goes in cycles with his toys, so I hate to get rid of anything. He just literally plays with everything over a months time - but something has to give!

Ryan has FINALLY decided to rollover! I know it is exciting when a baby rolls over for the first time - but in true Ryan fashion, she had to make it extra special. This child does things when she wants to in her own way. She wanted a special delivery, decided to have her umbilical cord attached to me in her own special place, decided to have choking episodes that resemble seizures and make her stop breathing for the first few months of her life (and scare us to death) - so why not be late on a few milestones out of spite :) I didn't think much about it until I realized she was twice as old as Noah was when he rolled over and I was worried maybe I wasn't spending enough one on one time with her to help her roll and I was the reason she was "behind" - but the doctor assured me that all her muscle development looked fine, she was just being lazy (or ornery is what I think). Once she rolled over once, she hasn't stopped - she just goes belly to back and then back to belly over and over again. She doesn't even struggle - she just looks like she is saying "oh, this is what you have been wanting me to do? No problem!" The little stinker! We made such a big deal about her rolling that Noah has to show us how he can roll too :) Now, on to crawling!

Here she is in action!

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