Monday, June 2, 2014

Concert, Birthday, and Gender Reveal!

Another busy weekend - my favorite kind! Friday night Nathan and I went to Fayetteville for the Florida Georgia Line and Nelly concert with our friends Celia, Jolee, NaKeshia, and Rusty. We had a great time - more fun on the way there in the car and eating dinner than at the concert though - they are a fun group of friends! As far as the concert, it was just ok for me. I was thinking I knew more songs of theirs, so not knowing many of the songs they played boring for me and Nathan too. We had to wait in traffic for 2 hours to drive 4 miles. Then another 45 minutes in line to get in (we were supposed to get wrist bands and they ran out after we waited in line for 45 minutes so we just went out on the field without them - the most unorganized concert ever!) Traffic and waiting in lines that long did put a damper on my good mood (a long with the dozens of people who were screaming at the people because they missed half the show because of the long lines and no more wrist bands). We got in the show at 9:00 - it started at 7:30 :( So, we missed the opening act and half of Nelly. $4.25 for a bottle of water and long lines to get one, plus getting so tired of standing after all the walking and stuff to get in - we were really just over it and ready to go! Nathan stayed awake with me on the way home to make sure I didn't fall asleep and we got home close to 1:00 a.m. - we had fun with our friends on our night out, but we will pick something else to do next time for sure!

Look at that sexy cowboy!

We ladies held down the back seat :)



Saturday we had a birthday party and gender reveal party only an hour apart. So, I sent Nathan to the birthday party with Noah while Ryan napped and I got everything ready for the gender reveal party. We had a great time at the gender reveal party (which was also a housewarming party) in my brother and his girlfriends new house. They asked me to take pictures for the party - and as everyone knows I am a sucker for pictures :) I found out I am getting a new niece! Emma LeBlanc Gunn will be beautiful and spoiled like all the children in our family!

One of my favorite parts of this weekend has to be that Nathan was with me the whole time. He usually works some or has to work on racing things but this weekend he was all ours and we really enjoyed it!

The kids love to watch Daddy cook on the grill :)


  1. I'm sorry you didn't have a good time at the concert! We had a totally different experience. We didn't go in the main way and didn't even have to set in traffic to park. We also didn't go in the way they were telling everybody to if you were on the field - we walked right up, got our wrist band and went right in! I think all concerts from now on will be at the AMP and much more organized!

    1. We went to a concert at the AMP and it was so much better! I think that venue was just not a good idea for that many people. I had no idea the traffic would have been that backed up or we would have went in the back way (that is how we usually leave Naturals games) but by that point it was just too late. I wasn't happy to miss half the show after starting over to the venue and hour and a half before the show was to start. We started into the gate and the lady stopped us and said we would not be allowed on the field if we didn't get in the long line for a wrist band - she obviously did not know what was going on and it was hard to find anyone who did. It was just not organized very well and there were a lot of mad people. We don't go to many concerts - but I don't think we will be back to one at the ballpark. Glad you had a better time!

    2. I was talking about the new AMP that opens this weekend, it looks so nice! I'm hoping it will draw in some bigger names too. I will say you didn't miss much with the opening act, he wasn't very good! I agree that it wasn't organized at all, I think they made things more difficult than it was. We just lucked out!

  2. I heard the new AMP was opening - I am hoping to get to check it out too! I hope it draws in some bigger acts too - it is nice not to have to travel too far for a good show!