Tuesday, June 3, 2014

T-ball is Over!

Well, Noah's first year of t-ball has come and gone. I have mixed feelings about how it went. He learned a lot - he now knows about running the bases and what to do when he catches the ball and has a general idea for the game. He learned all of this however from me and his dad. Our coaches were not the best coaches as far as teaching our kids anything. They are very nice people and were always great with Noah and encouraged him even when he got out or messed up, but didn't say and do as much as I felt was necessary to help the kids know what was going on during their games. I believe they said they were asked to coach because of lack of people wanting to do it - so I respect them for stepping into that role. We did not practice - we had 2 practices before the season started and that was it. We averaged 6 kids at each game (totally not the coaches fault) so that made things difficult at times. At one game Noah was the only one there at game time and we had to forfeit! Nathan is throwing around the idea of coaching next year - and since we were unable to coach this year we cannot complain much - I have been a coach, it is hard work! It was good for him to get the exposure to the game and get a taste of what it is like so maybe next year he will be better at it. We are really hoping he finds a love for this game - I played softball for 9 years and Nathan played baseball/softball for most of his life (even recently he was still playing) and we have great memories from playing. If this just is not his thing, then that is fine too, he will find his thing. I am just thankful for the smiles and laughs he gave me this year (and I may have teared up when he caught his first grounder in a game, just maybe). Those are memories I will have forever! So, until next year it will be backyard ball!

They all love to play in the dirt!

Daddy had to block the sun for the all-star :)

Thumbs up!

The team after the last game

He was SO excited to get a "challenge" (that is what he calls medals and trophies)

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