Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day 2014

I love all holidays and try to make them all special and Father's Day was no different. I just like giving that person a little extra attention to make them feel special on that day. So, on Father's Day Noah and I got up and made Nathan breakfast and gave him his gifts (while Ryan was still sleeping of course). We got him a new laptop for his race car but gave it to him a week ago because he was going racing then and I wanted him to have it. We also got him a new shirt, Iron Man, Noah filled out a questionnaire on him and we made him a special craft with his boot print and the kids foot prints. I got some tears so I knew I did good :)

Daddy and his biggest fans :)

We then went to church for an awesome message on worrying and following God. It was one of those messages where I knew the preacher was talking to me but I didn't want him to be. I told Nathan that I wish the preacher would quit looking at me in the eyes :) After church and the kids napped we went to my brothers house for a Father's Day pool party! I love that we can get my Dad and Stepdad together at the same time and all celebrate as a family together - they are great co-parents! I got both of them a rock for their yard with their last name painted on them.

Me and my dad
It was a good day and I hope my dad and stepdad felt the love. Nathan and I prayed to be able to celebrate this holiday for years and I am so happy we finally got to. He is a good man and a good dad - he loves our children more than anything and always puts them first. He works long hours to make sure their needs are met and also tries to make time to spend with them as much as he can. The kids are very proud of him and light up when they see him so he must be doing something right!

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