Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Noah's Swim Lessons

We just completed Noah's last swim lessons that I will have to get in the water with him. Nathan is not a strong swimmer so we wanted to get the kids started early to maybe help if he happens to be the same way. This was his 4th straight year of lessons and he is doing great! I think he was the oldest one in the class and he seemed to be ahead on all of the skills except swimming underwater - there was a little girl in the class that could swim underwater pretty good.

He learned how to glide (pushing off me or the wall and swim to me or the teacher underwater) very well - he would yell "this is my favorite" every time :) He learned to float on his back and belly pretty well and he can blow bubbles and hold his breath very well. I think it was safe to say he was the class clown - he was always making everyone laugh - as usual :)

His jumping in really impressed me - he was very skittish about this before but jumped at least 8 foot to me before it was done! His teacher, Miss Debbie, was very good with him. Noah is a talker and Miss Debbie always listened to what he said even when it had nothing to do with swimming. She remembered that his favorite color is green so she made sure he got the green ball or noodle every class - she really made it fun for Noah.

Our new indoor aquatic center is very nice - I love that our town has this available. One thing I did not like is that anyone who wanted to watch Noah have lessons had to pay $5 to get in to watch. The pool area Noah was in was closed and there was a special place for visitors to sit - it would not be hard to let them come in for the 45 minute lesson to watch without having to pay. Noah took lessons with this program before and anyone was allowed to come and watch for free, but now there is a fee. Our water park and aquatic center is great - some of the rules and prices are not, in my opinion.

Next year Noah will be able to do swim lessons with the older kids without a parent - he is already excited for that! I am too, but it is hard for me to believe that I have a kid old enough for these things already!

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