Monday, June 9, 2014

Walks & Puddles

That is pretty much what our weekend consisted of. Both kids had some kind of virus over the weekend that made them run a low temperature - but they still acted fine. So, we stayed close to home and to keep them from going stir crazy I took them on lots of walks around our house. It is times like this that I wish we lived in a neighborhood so we had some sidewalks to walk on to keep the kids out of the road and away from the snakey woods around our house - but we like our country house :)

Talking to the ninja turtles :)

Sunday after church, Nathan and I were cleaning the shop so the kids got to play in the rain outside the shop door and with their outside toys in the shop since Nathan's race car was in the trailer. It was actually a lot of fun to watch them have so much fun doing something different and get dirty :) Later we loaded up all the recycles and trash to haul off and took a chance at taking Ryan out to eat (it has been a few months since we last tried) and it was not a total disaster - but the food was out fast so that helped. Maybe we are getting closer to getting to eat out in public again - which is good because I am tired of cooking all the time - HA!

I love weekends that Noah comes and sneaks in and attacks me with dinosaurs, Ryan helps me with the dishes and laundry, and I can hear the kids and Nathan playing and laughing in the other room - it is good for my soul and makes my heart happy :)

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