Friday, June 20, 2014

The 3rd Anniversary of my 29th Birthday!

It is that time of year again, my birthday. I say this every year and I am saying it again - birthdays are way more fun when you are a kid. I get SO excited about my kids and Nathans birthdays but find myself getting less excited each year about my own. I guess that is just part of being old. I plan to always make the kids birthdays a big deal - after all their birthday changed my life.

My mother-in-law made me an awesome wreath for my birthday! I love it! My mom got me some rain boots, a new scarf and a book on different ways to wear scarfs. I love scarfs and wish they were good for summer too - tomorrow is the first official day of summer and I miss them already!

I had to work on my birthday - but we always go out to celebrate office birthdays so we went out for lunch and shopping :) I picked Cracker Barrel for my birthday lunch - I love their food but Nathan is not a fan so I rarely ever get to go there. Plus - I love their store! I found the cutest snail table to spend my birthday money from my dad on :)

When I got home I saw my present from Nathan - it was exactly what I asked for even though he wasn't wild about it when I told him it is what I wanted. I got a little porch makeover! I have been spending lots of time outside with the kids and really have been wanting to fix the porch up some. So, he got me big planters and potted some pretty plants in them, a new door mat, solar lights, a cushion for my chair and a bird feeder.

With a little hint from someone (thanks Laikken) Nathan remembered that I told him that I wanted him to make me dinner in his big cooker pot. So, he cooked that on the porch and the kids and I played in the yard and went for a walk. It was the perfect end to my birthday :)

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