Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oh 2013...

Like always, it is hard to believe another year is gone. 2013 had a lot of challenges and a lot of happiness.

I celebrated my 7th year of marriage and 15th year overall with Nathan - 
I even remarried him in Vegas with Elvis!

Noah turned 3 Lion King/Bounce House style.

Ryan turned 1 in a Flash.

The kids were in their first car accident.

Ryan learned to say Momma and Dada and 18 other words.

Ryan won her heat in the Diaper Derby.

We learned Ryan is delayed in her motor skills, but like with all things Ryan does, she will do things when she is ready and how she wants to do it.

I got a promotion at work.

I lost some family.

I gained new family.

Noah became very inquisitive about God - making my heart very happy!

I was laid off due to the government shutdown but God saw me through it.

I forgave this year when I REALLY didn't want to.

I have had to use my faith more than ever this year.

I let some people in my life more than ever but at the same time had to cut some people out.

I gained a new friend.

I got the hang of having children instead of just a child.

My kids made me cry tears of joy and sorrow.

Noah promised me he would live with me forever and made me promise the same thing to him.

Nathan became the track record holder at our local race track in his race car.

I have learned a lot about myself this year, good and bad.

My top 5 blogs this year (based on what Blogger told me):

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I have gained a lot of blog readers this year and with that comes so many words of encouragement and prayers. I love hearing that people enjoy reading my blog - I love writing it and enjoy sharing parts of my family's life with others. This is my online scrapbook that I already enjoy going through. Hope you all stick around and enjoy this next year with me! Happy New Year - make it count!

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