Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"God put a bandaid on it"

I was putting sheets on Noah's bed before I left to go meet the babysitter and pick him and Ryan up. My phone rang and it was one of those phone calls you have thought about and pray you never get. "Jessie, I just had a bad wreck on Cherry street with the kids in the car, come fast" - I can hear sirens and kids screaming and the call ended. I ran outside to the shop where Nathan was with his friends and couldn't see him and screamed "where is Nathan?" they pointed over in the yard and he said he could tell by my face something was bad wrong - I was crying and told him the sitter had wrecked with the kids and he took off running - I ran inside to get my purse because I was thinking I may need insurance cards and he was waiting on me in the yard in my car with the door open. That was the longest 4 minute drive of my life.

We pulled up and the whole front end of her van was smashed. A police officer had Noah and the sitter had Ryan. They were both screaming and scared. When I walked up to Noah, he just was crying and said "can we please go home" - I was trying really hard not to let him see me upset, which was hard at first, but I got it together. He and Ryan both had seat belt burns, but were totally fine other than that, just scared. The other 2 kids that were in the car had the same injuries and the airbag hurt the sitter a little - but no major injuries. The paramedics checked them both out and said they looked fine and would be sore and encouraged us to bring them in if we had any concerns. The man that was in the other car had a bad head laceration and lots of blood - just ask Noah "the man in the truck had giant blood on his head". The man didn't want the ambulance ride, but did go in for stitches. He said he had "had worse bar scraps than this" :)

We were finally able to get the kids and put them in our car and get them home. I was talking to Noah and I told him that God had protected him today in the car wreck and he would heal him and make him better. Noah said to me "God appeared and put a bandaid on my boo boos and I am all better". I said "he appeared"? He said "yes, in the car and put bandaids on me". I have no idea if he is just making stuff up (he does have quite the imagination) or if he really saw something or what, but it gave me chills when he told me that. I KNOW God protected them, he always does - but to hear my 3 year old tell me about it, was nothing short of amazing.

Because I know people want to know, as would I, the accident was just that, an accident. Ryan was screaming (her hurting scream) so the sitter thought she was being pinched or something so she glanced back to look at her and the truck in front of her stopped. It only took a second. I was asked by a few people if I was mad or flipped out on her - and I don't see how I could. I have done that very thing countless times along with answering a text, making a phone call, putting on make-up, clipping a fingernail, etc. We all have distracted driver moments and accidents happen. The sitter asked me this morning if I wanted to yell at her - and I was never mad at her and that is what I told her. It happens, everyone is fine, no hard feelings.

Thank you God for watching over our babies and everyone involved! It could have been a lot worse and could have happened to any of us. So glad we have a God to put bandaids on us when we need them :)

Ryan's wounds - a couple of seat belt burns on her neck and chin and a bruise on her chest.

Noah's seat belt burn - with a matching smaller one on the other side.


  1. Glad everyone was okay. It sounds like all the adults did a great job of staying calm for the kids. It also sounds like you have a good baby sitter, that knew what to do in that kind of situation.

    1. She is awesome and we are lucky to have her! So thankful everything turned out ok!