Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Festivities!

Like everyone else I know - Fall is my favorite season. I love living in Arkansas, but even more so when the leaves are changing and it is time to start all of our Fall traditions and festivities. When we went to the pumpkin patch we went a little pumpkin crazy and came home with 10 pumpkins! Only 2 of them were very big, the rest were pretty small.

I tried my hand at a few crafts this year for the first time. We painted paper plates and made a ghost and spider and each kid got a pumpkin with their hand print as the stem :)

Ghost and Ryan's handprint pumpkin

Spider and Noah's handprint pumpkin
Noah and I handled all the pumpkin decorating this year. We made each family member a pumpkin. I made them in size order and Noah told me what decoration to put on each of them Dada got polka dots, Momma got swirls, Noah got teeth and stitches, and Ryan got hearts and stars :)

Noah painted 2 pumpkins - one for him and one for Ryan :) This was the first year we painted any pumpkins - it was fun. I just let him do his thing and he loved it and wanted more pumpkins to paint - next year I will get more small ones to paint :)

I told Nathan I wanted to draw a Razorback on one - he laughed at me! Oh ye of little faith! So, in about 5 minutes I whipped out a pretty descent Arkansas Razorback! Nathan was impressed :) I added Woo Pig Sooie for Noah - that is what he calls all the Razorbacks he sees.

Then we carved pumpkins too! We made Ryan a girly one and Noah wanted a scary one - it turned out looking a little more crazy to me. I am not a good carver, but I tried. They have glow-in-the-dark teeth and we have pumpkin stands that Nathan and I used back in our pre-kids days for our pumpkins :)

We went to a big pumpkin patch this weekend also in Springdale. I have never been to any pumpkin patch but our local one, which I love and will always go to, so this was quite the shock :) We did the petting zoo, held a baby pig, rode horses, watched pig races, did a corn maze, played in corn, played in hay, and went on a tractor ride! It was pretty awesome!

Checking out the baby pig :)

Stare off with a goat :)

We still have Halloween this Thursday and then it is on to Thanksgiving before Fall ends and winter begins. The leaves have started changing and the temperatures dropping - what is not to love about that?! Happy Fall Yall!

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