Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Da Fawm"

Noah is crazy about animals - second to dinosaurs they are his most favorite things. So, when I saw our new petting zoo close to home was opening last weekend, we HAD to go! Noah talked about it all day - kept asking when we were going to "da fawm" (the farm) :) So, after church, lunch, and Ryan napped we loaded up and met my dad at Bacchus Family Adventure Farm!

We got to see cute little baby animals in the nursery. Some of the baby animals there were a baby kangaroo, kinkajou, rabbits, and a salamander. Some of the outside animals we saw were mini horses, water buffalo, llama, camel, goats, and a zebra. Noah LOVED the corn slide and we kept trying to get him to look at other things and he would just say "nah, I want to stay here for a little bit" :) Ryan LOVED the mini bounce houses - they were perfect for her. She was scooting everywhere and squealing she was so excited. The barn had some games in it - like air hockey, basketball shoot-out, football toss, table tennis, and pin the tail on the donkey. Noah said he wants to have his birthday party at "da fawm" :)

We then went on a train ride and got lost in the hay maze! Noah spent more time looking for the hidden monkey than actually trying to get out of the maze. He saw a picture of someone dressed as a monkey online in the maze and was trying to find them everywhere. I told him they were not in there today - but I saw where the hay maze will be haunted next weekend so maybe we can go back :)

Noah thanked me over and over for taking him to "da fawm" - it was such a perfect family afternoon!

Thinking hard about how to get out of the hay maze :)

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