Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The "Pumpin" Patch

One of my biggest Momma Dreams was always taking my kids to the Pumpkin Patch! I dreamed about it for years and look forward to it every year! Noah is really getting into all holidays now and it is so much fun! He had so much fun at the "pumpin" patch and kept thanking me and telling me he loved me over and over while we were there. He is pretty easy to please :) We met my brother and his family there - I love them making memories with their cousins like I did as a child - so special! 

We ended up taking home 10 pumpkins! Only 2 big ones to carve and the rest small to paint and decorate. We were looking for a huge one to put Ryan in since she was too little to cooperate last year, but we didn't find one. We did the haunted maze too. Everyone had a great time! Now, we still need to carve them and paint the other ones and we will be ready for Halloween!


  1. We go there every year too. We started going the year before Jae was born and we have kept the tradition going. Her grandpa calls her pumpkin because we took her pictures in the pumpkins when she was 3 months old and take them every year. We are going next week and I can't wait. We picked apples there last week. It was fun, but not near as fun as picking out the pumpkins.

    1. I love traditions like that! Kids remember things and I love they will have good memories like that! Have fun!