Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Halloween 2013

This was the best Halloween I can remember in a LONG time, and for sure the best as a mom! Noah was all about dressing up and going Trick or Treating - and anything that excites him, excites me! Our town does a Safe Treat at the fairgrounds, but that had no doorbells to ring and that is what Noah was really excited about! We went to that last year and it was nice, but the lines were very long and there was only one bounce house and two horses and a ton of kids - little kids get bored and cranky with lines, but running around going house to house was perfect!

The kids dressed in skeleton pj's for their daycare Halloween party :)

This year Noah wanted to be a dinosaur - go figure. I told him he could be any dinosaur he wanted - and he picked a triceratops - it was adorable! I like trying to do a theme with the costumes until they get too opinionated for that - so I went with Pebbles for Ryan :) She has Pebbles hair most days after all :) My mom made her costume and did an awesome job!

We started our night making our stop at Nathan's grandparents house so his family could see the kids. We attempted a picture of Noah, Ryan, and their only Stillwell cousin Paxton - but that wasn't happening. Ryan didn't want me or Nathan to put her down, so she was throwing a fit and Noah was in the line of fire and poor Paxton was just sitting there watching! Maybe next year :)

Our next stop was at Happy Meal (that is what Noah calls McDonalds) then on to my moms. This is my moms favorite holiday and she always cook chili and brownies for any family that stops by. She also lives in a neighborhood so that was where we decided to take Noah for his first time to Trick or Treat. Noah LOVED it! He said "Trick or Treat" at every house, except one, I heard him get so excited when they opened the door he yelled "I want candy!" Which is funny because he doesn't even like candy - won't touch it. He started telling people he was going to share all this candy with his momma :) I didn't tell him that - but I am not against sharing either :) Noah would run back to me after every house yelling "I dot more candy momma"! I would ask him if he said "thank you" and if he forgot he would go back up and ring the doorbell again and tell them before I could stop him :) There was only about 20 houses (if that) in all of my moms neighborhood and the neighborhood beside it. I pushed Ryan in the stroller - she was happy to just play with her glow stick and watch the kids run around - such an adaptable baby :) We decided to take a short-cut back through the woods up a hill to my moms house - sounded like a good idea, but Ryan got heavy and Noah only wanted to hold my hand. Nathan had the flashlight and the stroller and the candy - my brother Eli was behind me with his two kids and my dad. We all were sweating and out of breath when we got to moms!

"Momma! I dot more candy!"

We got to see the fireworks show from Safe Treat at moms house and went home shortly after for baths and bed! Noah was so happy with his day - and thanked me over and over. Apparently it was "so cool" :) Music to this mommas ears :)

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