Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Latelys...

We have been going and doing a lot lately, so here are some of our happy things happening lately:

Noah hatched his first dinosaur :) We got him a plaster egg at the Discover the Dinosaur exhibit and finally got a chance to hatch it. It wasn't as easy as the directions said - and momma had to help some, but it was worth it when he saw it come out! The baby dinosaur glows in the dark too - so cute!

Noah and I went on a date :) According to him it was the "best date ever" and that was when we were on our way to the library for our date - he is easy to please! I took him to literacy night at the library where our local Junior Auxiliary read him a book and did a craft with him. He loved the book and got so excited when it was being read - he even clapped when the Pilgrims and Indians had their feast, it was adorable! Then he got to make a hand turkey and a place card for his spot on Thanksgiving. He loved it. This was also his first time to the library. We had to read 4 books before I could talk him into leaving - that promise of a Happy Meal usually works :) I plan to do this with him as much as I can and then with Ryan also when she is old enough to participate.

It has been 2 weeks and Ryan is not progressing much with her standing or walking. She did awesome for a few days and was standing up with her foot right and even took a few side steps holding on to the couch, and now she is back to not wanting to stand at all. I know she will walk when she is ready (which is what I am being told by a lot of people) and that is what I tell people in the same situation, but I can't let her get too behind either. Her aunt is a physical therapist and was working with her a little this week and agreed with me that she just refuses to use her left leg and she believes therapy would help her get it all worked out. I will be calling to get therapy started soon so we can strengthen up her left side and get her on track. Please keep those prayers coming - this is not life threatening or anything, but it is not pleasant making a one year old do things they are uncomfortable with and mommas don't like watching their babies struggle.

Nathan turned 32! I made him breakfast burritos and he opened his presents from us. We got him a chocolate chip cheesecake for him to blow out candles with and Noah was so excited to help with the candles :) That night we had about 60 people over for a birthday party in our shop. I got a sitter for the kids last weekend for a few hours, and I hate asking for a sitter, much less two weekends in a row so I decided to just keep the kids at home. So, I pretty much stayed in the house with them until bedtime and then was able to socialize after that. We had so much food and such a good time! So happy Nathan has so many people that cared enough about him to come help him celebrate.

Now, off to get some work done. I only have to work 2 days this week and then 6 days off with my babies - and I am so excited! We are making cookies, hanging Christmas lights, getting our tree, Christmas shopping with my dad, and who knows what else! I love the holidays!

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