Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A "great fun" weekend

My weekend started early on Friday when I went to Springdale to the NWA Boutique Show with my mom and sister-in-law. It was a bunch of local vendors selling everything from clothing to food to ornaments to home decor to jewelry - it was awesome! I went there with the intention of doing Christmas shopping but I didn't really see anything for anyone on my list - but did find a few things for myself. I found a lot of things I wanted - if money were not object :) I did get a new sign for each of the kids rooms made of found objects and a sweater and fleece lined leggings for me :)

The next day we took Noah and Ryan to Little Rock. Our first stop was All Aboard for lunch. My cousin takes his son there and it looked cool in the pictures so I wanted to check it out. A train on a track up near the ceiling delivers food to each table. Noah thought it was so cool and is still talking about it days later!

Noah was SO excited when the train dropped our food off and it lowered to our table!

Then it was off to the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit - or the "Zooseum" as Noah calls it. Noah LOVED the exhibits! His face while looking at the exhibits was worth the money and admission! The exhibit was not exactly as it was advertised and I figured it wouldn't be - but the most important part to Noah was good, so that is all that mattered. Noah likes the exhibits the most and they were awesome - then you walked through the store. It was a little pricey - but not as bad as I figured it would be. I told Noah he could get one toy - and he is always good to go with that and he picked a stuffed long neck - which he keeps thanking me for and telling me how much he loves it :)

Ready to go in!

Ryan pointed and growled a lot :)

After that we got in the lines for the "dinosaur rides". I imagined it would walk across the room or something - but it was just like a quarter machine at the store. Noah was fine with that - I was a little disappointed though. After waiting in line for an hour to ride two of the three dinosaurs Noah decided he didn't want to wait in line anymore for the third one - which was fine by me. Next he "dug" for dinosaurs and found some fossils. The only other things were bounce houses and mini golf and the lines for those were VERY long so I just told Noah we could bounce at home. He said "Ok, lets go" and we were done :)

It was just one of those nice weekends full of family and love that I really needed - as Noah would say it was "great fun" :)

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