Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What a first week in 2014...

2014 has had a rocky start in our household health wise :( I was at the doctor with Noah on New Years Eve with matted up bloodshot eyes and a cough. Then with Ryan on January 3rd for the same thing - Ryan however, in typical Ryan style got worse rather quickly. She developed a very bad cough, worse than any cough I have even ever had. I spoke to the pediatrician on call service and they told me not to go to the ER unless she was having trouble breathing. So, we toughed it out until Monday. She was coughing until she threw up, very congested, decreased appetite, and fever - she was very sick! Once again, she has an ear infection :( This is her 4th one in the last few months and the doctor mentioned tubes, so that may be where we are headed. Noah has only had 2 ear infections ever - Ryan has had 6! I know they are different kids, but they really remind me just how different daily.

Poor sick baby at the doctor again :(
On a good note, we had a birthday party for my mom, brother, grandma, and grandpa here at my house on January 1st. We had it out in the shop connected to the house - which turned out to be the perfect space for that. The kids had room to run and play and we all had room to visit and eat. The kids also had the toy room (aka: my living room) to play in. I made chili and vegetable squares (my brothers favorite) and my mom made black eyed peas (for good luck) and my sister in law Emily brought carrot cake for the birthday cake! We had 4 eager kids ready to blow out the candles :)

We also got to check out our towns new indoor pool for a birthday party this last weekend. It is a very nice place! Noah loved it, but was done after about 30 minutes. He cannot touch so he gets bored with it easily. I could not get in with him because Ryan was too sick to swim so I had to hold her (because apparently I am the only one she wants while she is sick - which I secretly love, even if it kills by back and neck).

I hope this week is not an example of how our year is going to go health wise. But, I do hope it is an example of how good Ryan is going to do with her learning to walk! I was sitting with her on my lap and told Nathan to watch because she will stand up and sit back down real quick - well, she stood up - and stayed up for 5 seconds! This is huge! We recorded it a few times, but none were as good as that first time :) She let her favorite therapist hold her in her lap and play with her last week and played with a new therapist with little crying. I had the new therapist show me how to do some therapy at home so I can work on her too, since she isn't crazy about being touched by strangers. She even showed me things to do while just carrying her around - which I do a lot (especially when she is sick).  I always think of the lyrics "I may be weak, but your spirits strong in me. My flesh may fail, my God you never will" when I think of Ryan's journey she is going on. Her flesh failed - but God did not. I love watching Him work with her. Every time I pick Noah up after Ryan's "walking appointment" (as we call it to help him understand) he asks me " can Baby Ryan walk yet?" It won't be long and I will be saying "YES!":)

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