Monday, January 27, 2014

Ryan's Genetic Appointment

Ryan was 5 days off her antibiotics and started the runny nose and cough again, for the 5th time in the last 2 months. I just knew she had an ear infection again! So, she will be getting tubes and I am a little scared (because of the anesthesia) but so happy for her to get some relief. Her pediatrician said she has basically had an ear infection for months now and we are just knocking the symptoms down with the antibiotics so it is time for tubes. The poor baby - I can't wait to see her healthy for more that a week at a time! I think this will also help her walking (with her balance) and her speech will take off even more (she is a talker like her momma).

The next day after the tube prescription we finally had Ryan's long awaited appointment with the genetic doctor at Arkansas Children's Hospital. I really had mixed feelings about this appointment. I was kind of shocked it was recommended to begin with, but then thought maybe I was just blind to something that was really wrong with Ryan because I am her mom and, of course, think my child is perfect :) Then, I decided it wouldn't hurt anything so Nathan and I just decided to go for it, fully expecting for the results to be good. Her pediatrician said he would refer her to one only because the physical therapist was recommending it but he did not foresee them finding anything - and that made me feel better. We had a few people hinting that she could have a genetic disorder, but we just couldn't see it.

The ACH facility was very nice and the staff was awesome. We were in our exam room for about 30 minutes waiting for the doctor, which felt like forever because of the anticipation and because I was trying to entertain a 1 year old by myself without letting her touch too much stuff and get sick again. Ryan decided it was time to walk all around the room just barely holding my finger! Seriously kid, you wait until we are at the genetic appointment to start walking?!

The doctor and 4 other doctors and genetic therapists came in to our room and Ryan just stared at them and ate her cheetos and flashed them a few smiles :) Dr. Garnica was very nice. He asked basically all the same questions the therapist had asked us about her pregnancy, delivery, and life so far. He listened to her heart beat and checked her ears and eyes. He asked me who sent me for this appointment with a puzzled look on his face. I told him her story and he said "we are not going to do any testing today". I said "are you serious?" He said "I do not think there is anything wrong with this little girl and see no signs of any genetic disorder, she is just delayed in her walking". I told him I did not even know that not testing her was an option! He said if she was still showing signs of delay in 6 months to come back, but if not to not worry about it. I was SO excited and relieved and at the same time felt guilty for even being there, like I should have fought more against anyone saying there was something wrong with her. I knew there wasn't but went to the appointment anyway. I guess I was just being thorough. While I was happy with the results, Nathan was mad that we had to even go through all that to be told she was fine - and I agree, but at least we have had the genetic doctor say himself she looks fine, so we can mark that off the list.

Now that we have that behind us we are going full steam on therapy! I got Ryan an exercise ball that we attempt to use at therapy and she hates. Well, she LOVES it at home! She is constantly wanting to use it - so I am hoping that she will let the therapist use one with her more at therapy, we shall see.

Of course Noah wanted to do some therapy too :)

After all that excitement during the week, we had a nice relaxing weekend at home playing games, building forts, and selling more baby stuff :) Happy Monday and have a good week!
Living Room Fort

Love her sweet cheeks :)

My best buddy!

They could play this for hours - momma builds the tower, they knock it down!

Fishing for dinosaurs :)

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