Monday, February 10, 2014

Ryan's tubes...

We have had a lot of winter weather lately which always seems to happen when Ryan has an appointment of some kind. Last Sunday and Monday we started getting some freezing rain and snow which could have made it difficult to get to Ryan's pre-op appointment for her tubes. Thankfully all my praying paid off and God kept the temperatures up and we were able to make it to her appointment and to register her at the hospital on Tuesday. She still had a bad infection in both ears after 15 straight days of strong antibiotics :(

6:00 a.m. Cheese :)
We had to be at the hospital (which is 30 minutes away) at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday - not ideal! So, Noah got to have a sleepover with his Meme so he didn't have to get up so early and we tried to get to bed early, which is difficult when I had stuff to pack and get ready and Momma nerves :) We made it to the hospital on time and were 2nd in line for tubes that day. Ryan couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight and they couldn't get to her for surgery until 8:00, so I was really worried about that. She likes to drink and eat, especially right when she wakes up. She only cried a little bit for her cup and we were able to distract her pretty easily - that part went better than I thought.

All cute in her hospital gown :)

Ryan loved to draw on the marker board to pass the time - and the nurse even brought her more markers :)
We were in a room right beside the kid going first and she came back and cried for a while so that didn't help my nerves. I was more worried about the anesthesia than the actual procedure. Ryan has been known to be a little dramatic, so I was afraid this would be no exception. At 8:00 2 surgical nurses came to get Ryan. I had to hand her over to them with her crying and reaching for me. That was hard. I turned around to Nathan and he said "don't do it". I did tear up. I told him that she trusts me and I just gave her to strangers to go knock her out and cut on her ears, she is never going to trust me again. A little dramatic, yes. But, as a mom, that happens sometimes. About 10 long minutes later we got a call from a nurse that said they were half way done and she was doing good. About 10 more minutes later the doctor came in and said that she did good and they were waking her up now. He said he had to drain quite a bit of fluid off of her ears and hopefully this would help.

Then a male nurse brought Ryan in. She looked very out of it. She was looking around very slowly and looked very confused. They said she didn't like any of the girl nurses and only liked the male nurse :) Smart girl! They said she didn't want her sippy cup when they tried to give it to her, but she finally agreed to hold it. They told us we could get her dressed and they would take her vitals one last time and release her. So, we dressed her and signed her forms and we were out of there at 8:40!

Already acting happy on the way home :)
She got more awake and back to herself on the way home. She ate some cereal and drank 2 sippys on the way home and was dancing to Mickey Mouse, so we knew she was back to herself :) When we got home we played for a little bit and I tried to feed her lunch but she didn't want any, she was just tired. So, she took a 4 hour nap and Nathan and I watched a movie and had lunch.

She has been fine ever since. She is not crazy about her ear plugs for bath time and has pulled on her ears a few times, but not enough to make me think she needs to go to the doctor. We are hoping this helps improve her balance and will help her walking come easier and maybe even help her talking. She is way ahead on her talking milestone, but it is so much easier when your child can communicate what he/she wants. I am really hoping more than anything this helps with her ear infections and keeps her healthy and us out of the doctor's office so much!

The next day she was back to playing like her old self!

We have been having some home family time letting Ryan heal up and because of our bad weather. I love days where we all stay in pajamas and play blocks, puzzles, and watch movies. Both kids cook me fake food and we wrestle all day. I know they are going to be too big and cool to want to hang out with me before I know it and want it so I am trying to soak it all up. Also, maybe if I really connect with them they will think I am cool enough to hang out with longer (a girl can dream) :)

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