Thursday, February 20, 2014

T-Ball Time!

Yes, that's right, this year Noah will be old enough to play girls club co-ed t-ball. I am all for it, I want him to get exposed to just the basics of the game and have him experience being part of a team so that next year when he can play boys club he will have some experience.  Nathan, however, is a different story. He does not want him to play this year because he thinks his attention span is too short and that he is not ready. I keep telling him that it will just be a fun experience for him - they do not keep score and Noah will think he won every game any way. Nathan said we could teach him the basics at home, and we could, but we won't. Life will get in the way and we will get busy. This way Noah will have set practices and get to have fun learning a little about baseball.

We decided since the weather was so nice we needed to have our first at home practice! Noah was awesome at batting! He really does have good hand-eye coordination. He loved hitting and wanted to go get the ball every time he hit it (something he will see he cannot do once he is playing with other kids). Catching was more difficult. He can get it front of it and get to the ball, he just cannot properly catch it yet. But, he is stopping the ball, and in t-ball their hands are so small and the glove and ball are so big it is awkward to do it properly.

The ball did not hit him in the head - but he didn't catch it either :)

I cannot wait to get him his first little bat and helmet - he is going to be adorable if nothing else :) He got a glove for Christmas from Nathans parents so he is good there. Nathan was a good ball player growing up and I played softball for 9 years and wasn't terrible (no matter what Nathan says). Contrary to popular belief, I am not totally unathletic so Noah does have a chance at being descent :)

I am signing him up this week and cannot wait to watch a very entertaining year of t-ball! I have put the warning out to friends and family, this is for fun and will most likely not be pretty, but very fun to watch! If you don't like that sort of thing, don't come, but you will miss out for sure :)

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