Thursday, February 13, 2014

Olympics 2014

Besides gymnastics I did not watch the Olympics very much growing up. I really got into them about 14 years ago - but mainly just the summer games. I do like some winter games and am trying to be a good citizen and watch a little of all the games. I do like the ice skating (dancing and racing), downhill skiing, bobsled, and snowboarding - so I am trying to catch as much of those as I can. Noah is watching with me most nights and he has so many funny questions. I tell him when a USA team is competing and I tell him "that is who we are for" or "that is our team". He usually asks "why" to everything and this is no different. So I tell him because they are from here, to which he thinks I mean our house or our family. He goes through lists of people he knows wanting to know if they are there in Russia too. Maybe by the Summer 2016 Olympics he will understand.

Noah has made watching these Olympics so much more fun though. He is obsessed with doing the ice skating dances just like the couples on tv with me. It really is the cutest thing ever. Since he can't lift me, I do have to lift him for the jumps and stuff, but other than that he is really good at copying them. Nathan is less than pleased with Noah's reenacting, but I love it. But, like a good Daddy, Nathan watches us and claps for us when we bow.

Ica skating in the living room :)

Cutest little ice skater I know :)
Taking a bow :)
He loves to watch the skiing too. We decided to get the Wii out and let him learn to ski jump on it too. (It is hard to believe that I have a kid old enough to play video games with).

Noah and his ski poles (golf clubs) :)
I will say I am not impressed with the Russian facilities - it seems like something is wrong with the surface of every event. The Olympics is a big deal and these athletes work hard for this opportunity and it is ridiculous that they are not getting the best environment to compete in. I have also not heard great things about Russia in general - but they can't all be as great at the United States I suppose :)

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