Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Preview

We had a preview of Spring this weekend so I took Noah outside to his "park" (swing set) and to play in daddy's dirt piles while Ryan was napping. It was so nice out and we never got hot or cold once. I should have known better though because my body then thought it was time to do the weather change sickness I do twice a year when the weather goes from hot to cold or cold to hot. So, I had the sore throat on one side Saturday, the other side Sunday, and now I am almost done with the runny nose and cough. But, I am afraid since it is cold weather again I may have to do this all over again - hopefully not though. I guess it is a good thing to just go ahead and get it out of the way. I really wanted to take Noah out anyway because I figured all the stuff wasn't blooming outside yet so his allergies wouldn't bother him.

After Ryan woke up I took her out to swing on the porch and then we went for a little walk. I hate that we can't go for walks by our house - there are a lot of stray dogs and no sidewalks on the main road so it is just too dangerous. I want to take them to walk the Spadra Trail but I cannot go alone - I have heard too many stories. So, we just took a walk around our property instead. Since Ryan can't walk and the ground was too rough for her stroller, we couldn't get too far from the house because she gets heavy after carrying her for a while.

We still had some good outside time and the sunshine made us all feel better.

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