Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When the babysitter is sick...

Momma gets to/has to stay home with these angels:

The kids sitter sent me a text at 5:00 a.m. Monday morning that she was sick and it turns out she was contagious until at least Wednesday. The kids got to go back today, but their sitter still didn't seem like she felt all that good. I am thankful for her giving it a try though - I really needed to get back to work. I did get to work Monday night and Tuesday from home though, so that helped me from getting too far behind. I was reminded again though that I would never make it as a stay at home mom. I have awesome kids who let me type 14 pages and prepare a file for a hearing which both take awhile.  However, I like getting out of the house too much and having a reason to put on real clothes and look presentable - I feel no need to do either of these things when I am at home - it just seems like a waste of products and laundry! Noah was not wanting to get dressed and go after 4 days with Momma so I let him wear his house shoes to the baby sitters - hey, you are only 2 once right?

Painting Momma a picture

Wrestling with Dada

Cheese :)

I did really enjoy the extra bonding time with the kids though! We watched movies and played games. I worked with Ryan on rolling over - she has no interest. I worked with Noah on potty training - he has no interest. Ryan also discovered her jumper this weekend - she is a jumping fool!

I also managed to do a little mini photo shoot of Ryan in her spring outfits from a local boutique Simply Sam. The owner wanted some of her in the outfits to maybe use on her Facebook page. It was cold outside and Ryan was trying to get sick (plus she can't sit unassisted yet), so we had to improvise. There were a few that I thought turned out very cute!

I am glad to be back and work and miss my little tykes like crazy! I am thankful for a job and the fact that they are somewhere safe and I get the opportunity to miss them!

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