Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here pee, there pee...

PEE EVERYWHERE! This pretty much sums up my morning Saturday! I decided to bite the bullet and try the "put real underwear on your kid" potty training method. I have heard from several moms that it is the way to go. Well, it did not start out so good. I started out taking him potty every 30 minutes, then there were a few accidents, then moved it to every 20 minutes, still having accidents, so we had to up it to every 15 minutes. We were on underwear pair number 9 in the first three hours! I was texting Noah's babysitter and my friend Cortney for advice because I was ready to give up! His babysitter suggested that he not get juice, only water because the juice goes through him too fast and it was making it hard for me to get him to the potty in time. It was total chaos at one point. Seriously - there was 3 spots of pee in the living room floor, 2 puddles in the kitchen, one on the love seat, and one at his table! Oh, and I had Ryan to take care of too - all of this by myself (Nathan was working). This was a test of my Momma patience for sure! So, as I sat there crying and texting Nathan that I am about to give up, and the timer is going off to take him back to the potty, it just all of a sudden got better. That boy has always pushed me to my limit and then just gets better instantly - he did this with sleeping, nursing, going to daycare, going to church, everything! He knows Momma's limit and he goes right to the limit every time! He went from noon to 6:00 in the same pair of underwear!

Big Boy Underwear!

We went to Saturday night church and one of the teachers said he told her he had to go and went at church too! We tried it again Sunday and he only had one accident (Daddy gave him juice while Momma was gone) so we think that may have been the accident, or he may have just had an accident - who knows. But, one accident all day on day two was awesome! He even told me he had to go one time instead of me just taking him every 20 minutes!

I took him to daycare in pull-ups this week so far - she has 5 kids there and he requires too much attention for us to try the underwear there yet. He has been going for her good all week and me at night, so I told her if he keeps it up then I was going to send him in big boy underwear at the end of the week! I really hope we are on to something here! I can handle the buying diapers and changing him and all that - but there is a BIG difference in baby poop and toddler poop and I am over cleaning that up! So, hopefully  he will be fully trained by the time he is 3 (which is in 3 months)!

Poor thing has no butt like his Daddy :)


  1. Ahe has a young beer belly! :0 haha just kidding :)