Monday, February 11, 2013

Why is it...

Why is it that I want to grow my hair out long again (first time in 7 years) and I still fix it like it is short. I can't seem to fix it - like I forgot. I figured it would be just like riding a bike - but obviously not. In my defense it is alot thicker than it was 7 years ago (thank you Ryan) so maybe that is my problem. Hopefully I figure it out soon.

Why is it that when Noah acts good in public I feel like supermom? He has that power - he can be good and all of a sudden I say to myself "Yes, I am not totally screwing this up!". He is one powerful little guy.

Why is it that I feel like Noah is old news to some people. I have actually had people tell me to bring Ryan to see them and not even mention Noah. He is at the age that he knows what is going on and who is around him often - he should be the one people are worried about seeing more. He is awesome.

Why is it that my child tells me "poop momma!" right after he poops in his diaper? Then follows it with a "sorry momma" - I am powerless against a "sorry momma".

Why is it that I can lose a co-worker causing my workload to more than double, yet I am happier and feel better at work than ever? Apparently I am happier when I am busier, who knew?

Why is it that I am dead tired until I put the kids to bed, then I want to stay up a little while for quiet momma time, then instantly regret it when my alarm goes off the next morning?

Why is it that I am so behind in fashion? I swear that I finally get used to seeing a style enough that I can attempt it without feeling stupid and the next thing I know, everyone has moved on and is wearing the next crazy thing. I am hopelessly fashionably uncool.

Why is it that I get so excited when I find a toy or something I know Noah is going to love and when you ask him who got it for him he says DADA every time! I hate to bust Noah's bubble, but Dada is clueless about when holidays are and if it were up to him Noah would never have anything on time or that couldn't be bought the night before an occasion. Momma is on top of things! :) I just found him the cutest Lion King pajamas and figurines for Valentines Day - he is going to flip!

Why is it that I get the overwhelming urge to hurt someones child when they are making fun of or teasing my child? I know they are just kids and don't know any better (I was bullied growing up and am friends with some people who picked on me - my husband included! - so I know first hand they grow out of it. Kids are mean.) but it instantly goes all over me. Nathan laughs at me - I am hoping some poor kid doesn't go too far - I am really trying to avoid a mug shot.

Why is it that I always think people are exaggerating their illnesses when I hear them complaining. I am not saying that because I think I have it worse or anything - it is just a bad habit. I keep telling myself that they may actually be sick, but in the back of my mind I am saying, "oh get over it". I am weird.

Why is that people tell me how lucky I am that Nathan watches our kids so I can occasionally go do something. They are his kids too - he should be watching them. Is he lucky I watch them a majority of the time while he is gone (which is alot more often then I am ever gone). No one ever says how lucky he is that I watch the kids. It just irks me when people say that. No one is lucky either way - we are parents and that is our job.

None of my blog posts are complete without some Stillwell kid cuteness:

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