Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Heart Valentines Day!

I realized it has been a week since Valentines Day and I forgot to post how ours went! I love Valentines Day! I feel I am in the middle on the celebration scale. I don't feel we have to go all out - but a card and a little gift and maybe dinner is good. It is a day to celebrate love - love with family or a significant other. Everyone is loved in life so I see nothing wrong with a day to celebrate that! Yes, I know we should do that every day, blah blah - but we are lucky to grow older every day too but only celebrate our birthdays once a year (most people any way) so there is nothing wrong with a day dedicated to making your loved ones feel extra loved! Also, Valentines with kids is even more fun! I love getting to do little crafts and getting stuff for their Valentines party at daycare - this is the stuff I dreamed about while trying to have kids for years!

Making Valentines Cookies with Momma :)

Noah and Ryan in their Valentines outifts
Nathan did good and got me a pair of diamond stud earrings (just what I wanted - I have to give him lots of direction, he doesn't pick up on hints well) and a box of chocolates! I got him a few extra things then I normally would because he surprised me at Christmas with gifts after we said we were not doing gifts! I got him a new North Face shirt (gray of course, like all of his favorite shirts), a rubix cube (he asked for one awhile back - those things give me a panic attack and a headache just looking at them), The Bourne Trilogy (he has never seen them and is always trying to catch them on tv, usually half way done and edited with commercials), and a chocolate chip cheesecake from our favorite little restaurant Sweet Treats! I got Noah some Lion King pj's, t-shirt, and figurines - to say he was excited is an understatement! I painted Ryan a canvas at painting class for her room and got her a monkey chew toy since she is starting to teeth.

He was SO excited for his Lion King toys!

Obviously, she liked her monkey

Noah calls this "touching the sky" :) He loves to play/fight with Dada!

We baked a ham and had dinner together and just enjoyed our family time - what better way to celebrate Love Day? Hope you all had an amazing Valentines Day!

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