Monday, January 28, 2013

Lazy Weekend

Nothing like a lazy weekend to help clear the soul :) The kids and I literally did noting but play and bond all weekend. Nathan had to work Saturday, BOO!, but he was home with us all day Sunday! We watched cartoons, did puzzles, both kids napped at the same time both days (SUPER MOM here!) - so I was able to catch up on my DVR, cooked (Noah's favorite thing is to help us cook now), wrestled (Noah's other favorite thing to do), and loved!

Silly boy!

Puppy Noah (he is a dog a good 50% of the day)
SQUASH! She loves it!

My babies watching tv together :)

 I worked hard on Noah's potty training this weekend and I am just not sure how it is going. He just doesn't get it. I am not one to compare kids - but it is hard not to when it comes to potty training. Noah will go if I take him constantly but he rarely tells me he has to go. If I remind his of the rewards he will go, but just for the reward. I just don't think his brain is there yet, and until it is he is just doing it for the stickers! I am going to keep at it, but it is so frustrating! You can't punish them for something their body is not understanding and if you make it a negative experience they may start withholding and making themselves sick. He is not scared of the potty luckily, so I am just hoping it is going to click soon and he will take off. He has always been at the latter part of the acceptable ranges on things so he is just being Noah :)

Ryan started really enjoying her play mat this weekend. I bought this mat from a friend (Hey Jamie - you will be glad to know it is still getting used!) and Ryan loves to play with it and swing her legs up and pull the arch down! I forgot how amazing it is to watch a baby learn things! She almost rolled over this weekend and I literally got butterflies! Being a parent is awesome! I still get so excited when Noah learns new things and he is saying so many new things every day - I guess when his learning took off so much lately it got more common for him to be doing something new, where with a new baby they grow fast, but it seems their big milestones are father apart than an older child.

We cut Noah's hair again this year. We just shave it at home and for some reason Noah kept yelling for "momma do it - no dada, momma do it". So, I got to cut his hair! It is always a challenge to cut a 2 year olds hair, but I think it turned out pretty darn cute! Noah loves having his picture taken (by me anyway - sorry Ann and Meme Donna) and wanted me to keep taking his picture as he made different faces. He seriously keeps me laughing constantly. He is something else.

New haircut and new pj's!

He thought he needed to rearrange momma's face :)

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