Monday, January 7, 2013

Painting With Laughter

I recently saw that a friend of mine was starting painting classes and I couldn't wait to sign up! I am not the best painter by far but I don't mind giving it a try! I was even more excited to hear that my mom and brother Eli were going too! The trash talk started then! Ha!

This class was called Snow Buddies, here is what we were supposed to paint:

It was not hard at all and I did learn alot and some tricks on making things easier - like using a pencil and chalk on parts of it. I had so much fun - it was a nice break and just what I needed.

Mom working on her masterpiece

The master at work ;)

Family bonding :)

Painting Eli :)

Eli showing off his painting skills :)
I opted out of the Snow Buddies wording and went with my family name instead. I also opted out of the pink cheeks on the snowmen - what can I say, I am a rebel :)

I loved how everyone had the same tools and instructions but they all turned out different. I was very happy with my finished product. Nathan said it looked better than he thought it would - oh ye of little faith!

Eli's finished product

My work of art!

Mom's all finished!

Eli had already left to go to the razorback game, so it was just me and mom in our family finished picture!

Group shot minus 2 that were still painting and Eli who left already

The next class is a razorback but I can't go because I have Ryan's 4 month pictures that day (yes she is already 4 months, I know, crazy), but Belinda offers a make up class every few months and that is the one I plan to do! It would look awesome in Noah's room. The next one I plan to go to is this one

 - Aspen Trees - it looks intimidating, but I am going to give it a try!

If you are interested in a class contact Belinda Kendrick at 479-214-3526 or click here for the Painting with Laughter Facebook page!

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