Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our New Years

We are officially old. We never even tried to make new year's eve plans. The thought never really crossed my mind. I guess kids will do that to you - as it should. Like I have said before, I feel guilty leaving them with people to go out, I should be there taking care of them and before I know it they are going to be out with their friends and I will wish I spent more time with them, even on new year's eve.

We were hosting the annual January birthday party at our house this year so we spent alot of Monday cleaning and organizing. We put away what little Christmas decorations I got out and made room for the 15 family members coming the next day (15 is not alot, but our house is small).

That night we went over to a hotel to swim with my brother. Ever since he was little he has gotten a hotel room on new years eve since his birthday is on January 1st. Noah loved it! He hasn't been swimming in a long time! He liked getting in the hot tub with Nathan while Ryan and I hung out and had girl talk on the side. Noah kept telling me there were sharks in the water trying to eat him - oh the imagination of a child, I love it!

My brother Eli and his daughter Savannah (who obviously loves having her picture taken)

Sweet Ryan just hanging out while Noah swims :)

Licking - just like he does his bathwater - GROSS!

Noah and Savannah

I did manage to stay up until midnight, but I watched the Hard Rock hotel guitar drop and fell asleep right after that. I didn't make it to the New York ball drop - no way I was staying up that late. No matter how late I stay up, my kids will be up at the same time the next morning!

I am not much on hosting parties at my house. It stresses me out and you don't get to visit and enjoy it because you are running around helping people. Every now and then I volunteer to take the burden off the rest of my family (since we celebrate everyones birthdays with a party every few months) and so that I am forced to give my house a good cleaning! The party went good - plenty of food (chili cook-off between me and my brother Eli -  I totally won) and Noah had more than enough toys to share with all the kids there and with the exception of him not wanting to share slinky dog (a current favorite of his) he did very well sharing all his stuff.

The January birthdays!

After the party we did nothing but watch cartoons and hang out together. It was a nice relaxing way to spend the first day of 2013. Back to work today - no rest for the weary ;)

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