Monday, December 31, 2012

See ya 2012!

What a year! I learned so many things this year - some good, some not so good, but - that's life.

I learned on January 13, 2012 that I was able to get pregnant without medical help! This was a big deal! I shortly after learned what morning all day sickness was about too! Both of these were new experiences to start the year off with!

I learned how strong I am through Ryan's delivery. That was a very scary experience and I look back and am amazed I was able to keep it together.

I learned how to care for two children this year. Honestly, this has been easier than I anticipated. But, it helps that Ryan is such a good adaptable baby and Nathan has been amazing to step up and help out more. I am fully expecting it to get harder though.

Unfortunately, my "real friend" list got shorter this year. I have lots of people I consider my friends, but the "real friends" list is very short - and for good reason. There are few people in this world I trust with very much. I am sort of a loaner in that way. I let my guard down a little too much this year and it, of course, came back to bite me. Lesson learned.

I did get to add one special person to my "real friend" list this year - congratulations - you know who you are :)

I learned alot of people like to read my blog. I love hearing that people enjoy it because I enjoy posting. I have had people I just know of tell me they read to family members. Who knew? HA! I love reading other peoples blogs also - it is such an awesome way to record memories and to look back and read how life was at certain times.

I learned that I picked a good one with Nathan. He has really stepped up this year and helped me in alot of ways. He has really made me feel loved. He is quite the man and I love that we laugh every day.

I learned that help is ok. I still do not like asking for it and probably never will - makes me feel too vulnerable. But, knowing it is there is awesome.

I learned that I am allergic to penicillin. Apparently highly allergic. (sorry, no picture here - not going to post that for everyone to see).

I learned that good things come to those who wait - congratulations Cassie :)

I learned a little about being a better Christian. I say I only learned a little because I am only acting on a little of it. I can do more and try when I can. I love to do random acts of kindness and give all I can. I can do more and plan to try to do more.

I learned this year (and every day) how amazing my kids are. Don't get me wrong - Noah is no angel and the odds are if you have seen him lately he was throwing a fit, but he is still amazing nonetheless. I prayed for that boy for years before God chose me to be his momma. He makes me belly laugh everyday and smile by just thinking about him. I am so glad God didn't take Ryan from me. Nathan said God didn't want us to be sad so he saved her. Whatever the reason, I am eternally grateful. I kiss each of my blessings on the head after they fall asleep each night and whisper "I love you more than anything". I am so blessed.

I can't wait to see what 2013 brings! It better be good if it is going to top all this!

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