Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas 2012

We always start our Christmas celebrating out on Christmas Eve morning with brunch at my mom's house. We do all our gift exchanging and eat awesome breakfast foods. I finally got my new camera (mine broke 3 months ago and I have been patiently waiting on Santa and using a loaner until I got mine), Noah got a knight costume and Ryan got an exersaucer and mobile.

Ryan on Christmas Eve

Ready for presents!

Cheese momma - now new toys :)

Dad kept Ryan occupied during the party at my moms

Noah brushing slinky dogs hair with the dog hair brush he found :)

Enjoying some marshmallows :)

Ryan was partied out!

From there we went home for naps and to get ready for Nathan's grandparents Christmas. We went out there for dinner. We only buy for the kids there so Ryan and Noah both got lots of new goodies! Then we had to hurry home because Santa still had a few toys to put together!

Daddy Santa fell asleep and didn't get the plasma car together. So, we had to do some last minute assembly Christmas morning. Noah is still in his crib and woke up just as we were getting finished. I have a feeling next year he may be in his big boy bed and we will have to get it all ready the night before. I didn't want the cats messing with anything so I kept it in our room, but that won't work for much longer!

It took Noah a minute to figure out what was going on - he was watching Mickey's Christmas Carol on tv - then he finally saw the tree and said "yay, new toys!" It was priceless. He claimed them all "Noah's" and jumped right on his stick horse and took off. He also got a little dyson vacuum that really works, books, and puzzles, and a truck that hauls cows. He was so excited about it all! We did just enough not to overwhelm him and he played with everything the first day. Ryan is at the age where she is very clueless and needs nothing yet. So, she got a few stocking stuffers and that was it. I bought her some new outfits that I had already washed and put away.

Santa Came!

He knew exactly what to do with his gifts this year!

The cuddleupet he wanted from tv!

Ryan's first Christmas!

Nathan and I decided not to exchange gifts this year - or so he said. I thought I was being sneaky and got him stuff for a stocking. Then, he goes and buys me a shirt I wanted and a giftcard! I felt really bad! He said he didn't need anything and not to worry about it - he had all he needed with me and the kids! Very sweet (almost like he is up to something!)! But, nothing I can do about it now! I won't fall for that again and he will get a nice Valentine's gift!

 Great Grandma Bobbie was so excited because Ryan let her hold her without crying, finally!

Noah playing in Great Grandmas toy boxes - I played with that same castle every time I was at Grandmas!

Noah wrestling Papa Vallie - they do this every time they see each other!

After we opened all the presents we went to my Grandmas for lunch and stopped by my moms to see what Santa put in the kids stocking, then my dad came over to give Noah his gifts from him. It sounds exhausting when I type it out, but it all seemed to go so smoothly and drama free. It was a nice holiday! It even snowed some. We haven't got to play in it yet and I am not sure we will. I am back at work today and the kids are at the babysitters. But, at this age, I worry about them getting sick in the cold anyway. There are many more snowy winters to come! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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