Friday, December 28, 2012


Noah is really taking off with talking! I wanted to document a few of our favorites so I don't forget them. When I picked him up Sunday from his class at church, his teacher even commented that he talks alot now (he gets that from his momma). I love that there is a short list of people who understand a majority of what he is saying, it is like our own special group. He is pretty clear on alot of things, but there are certain words and phrases that only Nathan and I understand and can decipher. Sometimes Nathan will even ask me to come tell him what he is saying because he can't understand it.

If you are around Noah at all, the odds are you will hear him say "eat hat" at least once. It is something I have gotten used to explaining. Noah has a bath toy that is Goofy and for some reason Disney decided he didn't need a hat on. So, that confused Noah and he was always saying "hat? hat? hat? hat?" over and over to us, until finally Nathan told him to stop saying "hat" and if he said it again he was going to get him (aka: wrestle and tickle him). So, he would then go find Goofy and take it to Nathan and say "hat" just to get on Nathan's nerves (he got that from his momma too). Now, on to the eat part. When Noah would ever get in trouble or in time out he would say "eat" and hope that he could get out of it by saying he was hungry. So, I would scold him for something and his reply would be "eat" every time. I told him to stop saying "eat" every time he was in trouble (hoping to avoid a habit of him eating his troubles away). Well, he caught on that it was a no-no, so what does our genius child do - puts it together into "eat hat" which he says all the time to get Nathan to wrestle him or if he gets in trouble. It has multiple meanings depending on the situation. When Nathan walks in the door from work, he will run over to him and say "eat hat" and they wrestle - so it means come and get me. When I spank his hand for dumping bath water in the floor or throwing toys he says "eat hat" and gives me a mean look like he is telling me off. He even said it once and threw himself down on the ground after a spanking I gave him - meaning he was ticked off. It is so hard not to laugh when he says it but I do find myself saying "no you eat hat" when he says it in a mean way. This has got to look crazy to people who don't know what is going on.

He refers  to alot of things as "this". He sees a toy on tv he wants "momma this, this momma" meaning I want this momma. I will ask him what he is doing when he is playing ball with his cousin - "play ball with this momma" meaning this as his cousin. It cracks us up - everything is a this! Every night when I put him to bed he says "blue snake in toy box momma" and I tell him I will go look for it because he has never had a blue snake and we have looked for whatever he is talking about for a month now and there is nothing! So, I just say "momma will look for it" and leave.

Some things Noah says are just weird like he calls juice "muice". Then there are funny things he does like replace the c with a d when saying "click" (singing the click the camera song on Diego) - so he sounds like he is being dirty. He calls Diego "O" and he will say "watch O" and then when it starts "O on" - it is so cute! He is really starting to repeat things too. In order to keep him "regular" I give him one pureed fruit pouch a day. Well, one day I jokingly called them a "poop bag" one day and of course he decided to repeat me! So he now calls them "boob bags" (he calls poop "boop"). We really have to watch what we say!

He has really started reenacting the shows he watches too. I swear every animal on Diego ends up getting stuck in a net, so if anything ever gets stuck he says "stuck net!" - his shoe gets stuck, he can't get a chip out of the bag, Nathan is holding him down to tickle him - all occasions where he yells "stuck net, stuck net!" Noah is obsessed with The Lion King right now. He loves to wrestle/fight so he reenacts the fight scenes between the lions all the time. I cannot count how many times a day I see a stuffed animal hanging off the couch and another one on the couch holding onto it and Noah saying "help me Scar, help me! Oh, Dada Lion fall down, red boo boos!" It is so funny to watch.

This kid seriously has me belly laughing every day! I can't wait until he can start telling me stories and how his day went. At least I know that of anyone, I will be the one who is able to understand what he is saying :)

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