Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What Was I Thinking...

Fridays are Momma days. I am off work and the kids still go to the sitter (I have to pay whether they go or not) and I do the grocery shopping and house cleaning before my weekend starts. So, when the kids sitter said she needed them picked up early this Friday, my first thought was "Oh great, I won't get all my stuff done before the weekend". So, I managed to get groceries and a haircut before I had to pick the kids up. As soon as I put Noah in the car he said "slide at park". It was the last day of November and70 degrees outside so I decided to take advantage of it! So, we went to the park!

While we were there and Noah was running around like a mad man, gathering every stick he could find of course, a thought came to mind - "What was I thinking when I thought picking up the kids early was a bad thing". I was getting to watch Noah run and play outside and it was warm enough to have Ryan out with me - she was snuggled up to me and slept the whole time. That was the perfect start to my weekend. I wish every weekend could start that way. We then went home and watched "The Polar Express" and played until dinner time. It was awesome! Thank you God for knowing that I needed the afternoon with my kids more than I did and letting me have it!

Noah playing with what else - STICKS!

He quit going down the slide forever - but he was back at it again!

My little cheeseball :)

Sweet Baby Ryan being good so Noah can play :)

It was so nice outside!

We found every dandelion there and blew them :)

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