Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful 2012

We have alot to be thankful for this year so we were very grateful this Thanksgiving!

Thankful to be a family of four.
Thankful that Noah has so easily taken to Ryan and loves her so much already.
Thankful for our home.
Thankful for our health.
Thankful for our family and friends.
Thankful for our church.

I am also thankful that our families split up the days we celebrate Thanksgiving so we don't have to cram it all in one day and can spend more time with each family. (This is something I plan to do with my kids also - be flexible to their new families) On Thanksgiving day we went to lunch at my Grandma Bobbie's and to dinner at Nathan's parents house. Noah had no nap, but was an angel all day! (And for that, we are thankful too :) ) I left the kids with Nathan that night and met my dad, mom, and brother at Wal-Mart for some Black Friday shopping! It is an annual event for us - we always meet there and pick something we are after and then meet back at the cart! It is so fun! Crowds and lines don't bother me - I look forward to this shopping trip each year! After we got done with the 8:00 sale, I got in line to get Nathan an I-Pad. We haven't had a new computer in 8 years - we were long overdue! I had to wait in line an hour and a half in the feminine product section of Wal-Mart, but I made new friends and got the I-Pad! I was home and in bed by 10:30 - success!

My babies on Thanksgiving

Ryan's first Thanksgiving in her pretty Thanksgiving dress :)

My turkey cheeseball :)

Friday was Nathan's birthday! I made him french toast for breakfast and we snacked on leftovers from Thanksgiving for lunch. Then Nathan went to play cards and hang out with his friends and the kids and I cleaned house and watched Christmas movies. It was a nice day :)

Saturday we had Thanksgiving at my mom's and we did a Mexican food theme - it was all so good! We also celebrated Nathan's birthday that day with his favorite chocolate chip cheesecake from Sweet Treats! We love Sweet Treats! From there we went to Wal-Mart and bought for four angels off the angel tree - one for each of us. I love buying for the paper angels - it is so self-rewarding! Then we had to hurry home because my best friend Cassie was in town! She finally got to meet Ryan! Noah ran to her in the yard when we got home - he had to show her his toys! Last time she saw Noah he was a little scared of her, but not anymore! Ryan was the one scared this time - she cried every time Cassie held her, but she will get better. Her and Cassie will be the best of friends some day :)

Me and my babies ready for round 2 of  celebrating Thanksgiving 

Happy Birthday Nathan!

My beautiful princess :)

Ryan meeting Aunt Cassie :)

Our blessings to be thankful for was showing itself to us each day this holiday!

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