Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Wide Orse"

I am trying to decide on Noah's next birthday party theme - horses or bugs and snakes. Ever since Halloween Noah has not stopped talking about riding a horse again. We seriously heard "wide orse" (ride horse) 20 times a day! My mom has a mini horse so we decided to take Noah over to ride it one afternoon. He literally rode it about 30 feet and wanted off to go pick up sticks and rocks. (Looks like bugs and snakes it is!) He is beyond obsessed with picking up sticks and rocks. He would rather do that than anything else! We will take him to the park, or get his bike or jeep out and he bails off of them at the first chance and gathers up every stick he can find! We finally just started taking him outside to play with sticks and gave up on everything else! We have explored every square inch of our yard and parts of the neighbors yard! I love that he is so curious and loves the outdoors! Here are some pictures of our latest adventures:

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