Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ryan Maelynn is 2 months!

I knew time flew with Noah, but it seems even faster the second time around! Ryan is already 2 months old! Here are her highlights:

* She weighs around 10.5 pounds and is 22.5 inches long! She is still nursing when she is with me and takes 4 oz. bottles every 3 hours with her sitter.

* She is a really good sleeper! She is now sleeping 7-8 hours in a row at night! Now, some nights she isn't going to sleep until almost midnight, but it is workable for now! The grunting and choking in her sleep has slowed way down too - thank goodness!
* She is too long for most of her newborn clothes, so she is into 0-3 month now. Some of them are a little big, but not too much.
* She is now in size one diapers.

* She smiles and coos all the time - especially right after she wakes up!

* Noah is still in love with her! He sings to her when she cries and helps me give her a bath and change her diapers. I was really expecting him to be more jealous, but he has amazed me with how good he is to her.

Yay! I am 2 months old!

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