Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Might Be a Redneck...

I am almost positive this is a true Jeff Foxworthy "You Might Be a Redneck" situation. Back in August Nathan won a new flat screen TV  He said he wanted to wait to use it until we got a new TV stand to use with it in our bedroom. After Noah knocked the TV box over twice he decided to go ahead and open it or it might not make it long enough for us to get a stand! So, we did the only logical thing we could do - we put our new TV on top of our old TV! I am pretty sure Jeff Foxworthy said "You might be a redneck if you have your new TV on top of your old TV". So, there it has set for 5 months now. I like how tall it is - don't like how it looks on top of the other TV though. I guess it is a good sign that it bothered me though!


I saw a TV stand for sale on Facebook and it matched our furniture color and was the right size and was priced right so I got it. I am going to be sad to see our redneck set-up go, but it is time. I am going to miss my entertainment center though. This was my first big furniture purchase when I graduated college and bought a house. It is still in great shape, it is just impractical for the way TV's are made now. Flat screens are wider than they are tall, leaving a big gap in the top of the TV section. But, we are going to try to sell it and maybe someone out there can use it!


For Sale:  $75 or best offer

On a side note - while cleaning out the old entertainment center I found a ton of VHS tapes with my old shows recorded on them. That used to be the DVR back in the day. I remember setting the VCR to record at a certain time but you had to figure out how to set the time on the VCR first (very difficult) plus make sure the TV was on the right channel because it certainly wasn't going to go find a show for you like a DVR does. I remember getting so mad if shows ran long because the VCR wasn't smart enough to adjust for that! Or, when the tape would run out of room and not be able to record the whole show! That happened when I recorded the last episode ever of Dawson's Creek! My best friend Cassie and I were watching it and right when Joey was about to decide between Dawson and Pacey the tape ran out of room! We had to get online and find out who she picked! As much as I love TV I do not see how I survived that long with VCR tapes! I forgot all about that until I saw all these tapes - I forgot how good I have it now :)

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